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Early Careers in Group Services: People Operations Coordinator

Colleen | People Operations Coordinator | 10/5/2023

People Operations Coordinator

The Role

You will help manage our People Services Hub and provide knowledgeable and empathetic support to the business as well as informed insight into HR administrative issues with employees, while also championing process improvement and personal development. This is achieved through triaging all queries received into the People Services Hub mailbox and either providing resolutions at Tier 1 or escalating as appropriate. You will support employees in using HR platforms, for example HRIS, and escalate any technical or complex queries through to the People Transformation and Data team.

The Candidate

A sound knowledge of HR processes and procedures is essential for this role. Experience working within a tiered HR operations structure is preferred. You should have an eagerness to learn and develop your career within an operational HR environment.


Meet Colleen, People Operations Coordinator in Group Services

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity as a people operations coordinator?

Based on previous work experience, I knew that I enjoyed a work environment that combined the structure of internal systems with people interaction. A solid introduction to the people operations/HR world seemed to be the perfect next step in my career. Since starting as a People Operations Coordinator with Avalere Health, I’ve been able to get that seamless balance of working in both realms of business and people.

Describe your role in three words.

Supportive, collaborative, procedural.

Describe your previous career experience and which transferable skills you have leveraged the most in your role.

Prior to joining Avalere Health, I managed a chain of barre-based fitness studios. While that may seem incongruous at first glance, this experience really helped prepare me for my current role. As a manager, I was responsible for providing great customer service, and now as a people operations coordinator, I pride myself on providing top-notch support to our employees. My experience in managing multiple studio locations has also proved very useful, as Avalere Health is a global company with different procedures that must be adhered to depending on the country. Finally, the importance of having strong internal systems in place so that tasks can easily be replicated by others is something I’ve taken from my previous career experience—it’s all about working smarter, not harder!

What are your top three tips for someone who may be looking to start a career as a people operations coordinator within a global healthcare setting?

  1. Don’t negate your transferable skills. Even if the connection between what you do now doesn’t seem obvious, keep digging, and you will find that you have some sort of foundation to get started in your desired role.
  2. Take initiative to learn about the projects and roles that are happening across the company. It will help you better understand the employees you are supporting and remind you of the larger mission happening across the business.
  3. Network with people who are already working in the role to understand the day-to-day and decide if it is the right fit for you!

How would you describe your career experience at Avalere Health so far?

I’ve been really impressed with how Avalere Health has “talked the talk,” so to speak. My role is exactly what I expected based on the job description and interviews, which speaks to the clarity and awareness surrounding what is expected from employees. I’ve also seen our core company values play out in action, such as “we value difference” and “we are authentic,” with the wide variety of employee network groups, mental health support, and virtual events that we are encouraged to attend.

I also feel like my career direction is prioritized with platforms like Fuel50 that allow for goal setting, career direction planning, and conversations with managers and mentors. Since my first day with the organization, I have never felt intimidated to approach a more senior colleague or someone on a different team, because I know I will be met with respect. I’m excited to see what’s to come with the continued growth of the company!


Other entry-level roles in our Group Services team include: Accounts Payable Clerk and Project Finance Analyst in Finance, Support Technician in IT, Talent Coordinator in our People team, and Marketing Executive in our Corporate Marketing team.

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