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Early Careers in Market Access: Analyst

Michaela | Analyst | 9/30/2023

Analyst (Market Access)

The Role

You will be involved with in-depth research, data synthesis, and developing deliverables for clients that include strategic insights and recommendations. You will deliver primary and secondary health research, including qualitative in-depth interviews, quantitative surveys, and advisory boards. You will support client relationships through project and new business development, gaining knowledge and experience of supporting the development of results-based market access strategies.

The Candidate

A bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related discipline is required, and a graduate degree in management (eg, MBA) or a healthcare-related field (eg, MPH, PharmD) is preferred.


Meet Michaela, Analyst in Market Access

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity as an analyst in market access?

I studied international health policy at university, and throughout my studies, I developed an interest in the process of how pharmaceuticals progress from the lab to the patient through regulation and health technology assessment. The placement officer at my university recommended an internship in market access with Avalere Health, which was the perfect stepping stone in helping me not only launch my career but solidify market access as the right practice area for me. Through the internship, I was able to gain so much more than just insight into the industry—I worked on a variety of projects alongside writing my master’s dissertation, which sharpened my time management and organizational skills and gave me a broad perspective of the value, evidence, and access space.

Describe your role in three words.

Challenging, varied, interesting.

Describe your academic background and which transferable skills you have leveraged the most in your role.

I studied global health and social medicine for my bachelor’s degree and international health policy for my master’s degree. These two programs were actually quite contrasting, so together, they really enabled me to analyze and synthesize reports and data from different viewpoints.

What are your top three tips for someone who may be looking to start a career as an analyst in market access?

  1. Do your research into what exactly the company does and where your interests lie within it.
  2. Say “yes” as much as possible—you never know what opportunity will arise, even if it doesn’t seem like your ideal project.
  3. Be willing to explore—there is no such thing as having all the answers in the market access space. It’s a constant journey of learning!

How would you describe your career experience at Avalere Health so far?

I’ve really enjoyed my time with the organization, probably even more than expected! The variety of projects keeps me engaged, and I always feel like I’m sharpening my skill set and learning something new. The people here are genuinely warm and welcoming and ready to help or listen when needed. I feel like I couldn’t have asked for a better place to launch my career!

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