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Early Careers in Medical: Project Coordinator

Kim | Project Coordinator | 9/25/2023

Project Coordinator

The Role

You will be responsible for coordinating internal stakeholders to ensure all activity executed has the most optimal outcome for both Avalere Health and our clients. You will be responsible for providing task-based support across project management, budgets, and timelines with the overarching purpose of keeping all relevant parties up to date on project progress.

The Candidate

A bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Finance, Business Management, or a Science-related subject is highly advantageous. Excellent organizational, communication, and time-management skills are required to ensure that the key stakeholders are able to work with synergy in the most effective manner.


Meet Kim, Project Coordinator in Medical

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity in coordinating projects for the Medical team?

My father launched his career as a project manager, and when he described the role to me, it sounded like something I would be interested in and well suited to. I began researching project management careers and found myself enthused by the idea of starting a project and seeing it through to the end. Before landing this job, I had never worked in medical communications or project management, so I’ve had to learn about both the role and the industry itself. It’s been challenging but completely worth it, as I’ve discovered it’s a career that I thoroughly enjoy and definitely want to continue pursuing. I find it very rewarding playing a part in delivering important projects.

Describe your role as a Project Coordinator in three words.

Challenging, interesting, rewarding.

Describe your academic background and which transferable skills you have leveraged the most in your role.

After my A-Levels, I decided to go straight into full-time work instead of university. I landed a job with Barclays bank and worked my way up to become a payments investigations specialist. After five years, I wanted a new career that was more challenging, and that’s when I moved to Avalere Health. My previous role taught me the importance of following a process, keeping to deadlines, Excel tricks, and communication skills. These skills have been incredibly beneficial in my role as a Project Coordinator.

What are your top three tips for someone who may be looking to start a career as a project coordinator in a healthcare communications agency?

  1. Make sure you highlight your organizational skills during the application/interview process—being organized is an integral part of the role.
  2. Do your research about medical communications; it will help in the long run!
  3. Enroll in an Excel course to improve your digital fluency.

How would you describe your career experience at Avalere Health so far?

Since I joined the company in November 2021, the training and support I have been provided with have been brilliant! My line manager and mentors have always been on hand to help me with any questions I have or to teach me new processes. Avalere Health invests time and effort into helping its employees progress and achieve their career goals. I also very much relate to our company values—it’s rare to work for a company that values the importance of bringing your authentic self to the job!


Other entry-level roles in our Medical team include: Editorial Assistant and Medical Writer.

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