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Early Careers in Shared Solutions: Motion Production Coordinator

Lauren | Motion Production Coordinator | 9/28/2023

Motion Production Coordinator

The Role

You will work closely with the Motion team to provide logistical support for all things video production/content related. You will be playing a key role in communicating and liaising between the various internal departments and stakeholders and ensure projects are working to timelines.

The Candidate

Work experience within a creative industry is required, along with prior knowledge of video production basics. Strong organization and communication skills are required, along with the ability to work collaboratively and cross-functionally with design, content, and creative teams.


Meet Lauren, Motion Production Coordinator in Shared Solutions

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity as a motion production coordinator?

I actually ended up in this role by chance! I stumbled across the job description for a motion production coordinator on LinkedIn, and as I began learning more about Avalere Health—the organization, its work, its people, and culture—I became very intrigued. My focus during my third year of university was in documentary filmmaking, so this role really appealed to me as all the videos the Motion team work on are based on real-life and real-world health problems. The variety in projects is also a bonus—no two requests are ever the same!

Describe your role in three words.

Collaborative, creative, interesting.

Describe your academic background and which transferable skills you have leveraged the most in your role.

Having recently graduated from university with a degree in filmmaking, I have fortunately been able to transfer a lot of key skills into my current role, specifically around collaboration and time management. During university, I worked closely with people of different backgrounds and experiences, sometimes on very tight deadlines. Now, as a member of the Motion team, I collaborate with different teams across the entire organization who bring different perspectives, expertise, and knowledge to each project. Every video that we work on will also have different deadlines, which requires a lot of organization to ensure we stick to our designated timelines.

What are your top three tips for someone who may be looking to start a career as a motion production coordinator within a healthcare setting?

  1. Create a cover letter highlighting your strengths and previous experience and how you can utilize your skills to aid you in the role. Find ways to highlight instances in which you have collaborated with others who have different skill sets to deliver a piece of work.
  2. Take some time before the interview to research and gain insights into the role and the company.
  3. Ensure you are used to working in a fast-paced environment. There are days when you can be faced with several urgent requests or project deadlines, so it can be invaluable to have that experience already to help you prioritize tasks effectively.

How would you describe your career experience at Avalere Health so far?

It’s been really exciting and interesting! My first week involved a lot of team bonding (I even attended a terrarium workshop where we made our own gardens in a glass container!), which really helped me settle in well. I’ve loved getting to know my team and learn from their different experiences and backgrounds. My line manager was previously in my role when she joined Avalere Health, so it is beneficial to be learning from someone who understands the nature of my responsibilities first hand. I’ve been here for eight months now and have visited four of our offices across the UK and have felt so welcomed and comfortable in all of them!


Other entry-level roles in our Shared Solutions team include: Associate Studio Designer, Associate Presentation Designer, and Events Coordinator.

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