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Life as a Commercial Strategy Consultant

Christopher | Commercial Strategy Consultant | Indiana, USA | 9/16/2023

Christopher, based in Indianapolis, US, works as a Commercial Strategist on our Consulting team. Here, he discusses what it takes to succeed in commercial strategy and offers advice on remote and mobile working.

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity in commercial strategy?

After spending over 25 years working in the pharmaceutical industry as an integral part of the marketing engine behind big and small molecules, I decided to use my expertise to support a wider variety of clients. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work both nationally and internationally on planning, developing, and strategically marketing brands. As a Commercial Strategy Consultant, I can leverage those experiences to support clients on a project-by-project basis, or over a longer period, to best suit their needs.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

My role in commercial strategy not only showcases my strengths; the client-centric nature of the job also allows me to grow my knowledge in new areas. Being part of a successful brand is very rewarding, along with knowing that the work I do is highly valued by the client.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

Success in consulting requires demonstrating both knowledge and flexibility on each project you work on. Clients expect consultants to lead from experience, while also requiring us to adapt our work style and approach to fit their internal culture and team dynamic—something that calls for flexibility. In summary, smoothly integrating within an existing team, leaning in, and achieving results effectively and efficiently are key to succeed in this role.

What are the key highlights of your week at Avalere Health?

Some highlights from this past week include the many insightful conversations I have had with external thought leaders and patient advocates on behalf of my client. Developing meaningful relationships with external partners on behalf of clients is an important part of my role, and one that I enjoy making progress on.

Another highlight is the biweekly Consultant Team Huddles. In these catch-ups, we hear about the recent successes of our Consulting colleagues, which always motivates me and gets the creative juices flowing.

After a busy workday, how do you unwind?

My wife and our five kids are all music fans, each with their own eclectic tastes. Most evenings we have a different style of music playing throughout the house. I specifically enjoy selecting and playing a vinyl from my collection. We also enjoy attending live concerts as a family whenever we can.

Do you have any advice for maintaining mental well-being while working from home?

I strongly believe that exercise—even just a simple walk—is a fantastic aid for maintaining mental well-being. The more we all work from home, the better we must become at turning work off. Working from home can actually pose more of a challenge for people to achieve a work-life balance and properly switch off. It is often too easy to open the laptop at 8 am, keep it open until 8 pm, and still check emails at night before bed. It’s important to make time for yourself and for your family. Home is much more than a home office.

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