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Life as a Consulting Intern

Sarah | Consulting Intern | Birmingham, UK | 9/26/2023

Sarah, based in Birmingham, UK, joined our Consulting team as part of our annual summer internship program. Here, Sarah reflects on the key learnings and skills she has developed while interning with Avalere Health and how this experience is helping her to achieve her career goals.

What attracted you to Avalere Health’s internship program?

This internship presented an incredible opportunity for me to combine my passion for science and healthcare with my newfound interest in business. As an intern with the Consulting team, I put my academic knowledge into practice while building a solid foundation in the commercial facets of the sector. This combination appealed to me because it provides insight on how to influence healthcare delivery reform and patient outcome improvements from a strategic and analytical perspective.

Avalere Health’s stellar reputation in the healthcare industry, combined with its collaborative and supportive culture, further solidified my interest. The organization’s commitment to innovation, continuous learning, and making a real impact in improving patients’ lives also aligns with my personal values and aspirations.

What skills do you plan on developing during your internship experience?

This internship is enabling me to develop my existing skill set and create a strong foundation on which I hope to build my future career. I’m looking forward to improving my ability to interpret and analyze data, increase my understanding of the healthcare industry and its evolving landscape, develop my strategic thinking skills, enhance my communication and presentation abilities, strengthen my project management skills, and foster my ability to manage client relationships.

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

My favorite part has been the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a talented team of professionals who continue to enrich my experience and broaden my perspective. In addition to being experts in their fields, every team that I’ve worked with has been so cooperative and supportive. My colleagues and I enjoy participating in brainstorming sessions and problem-solving activities just as much as informal discussions. The synergy that results from our teamwork improves the caliber of our client work and motivates me to keep growing and learning.

How do your values and goals align with Avalere Health’s mission?

My purpose and objectives are perfectly aligned with Avalere Health’s dedication to enhancing patient outcomes, improving healthcare delivery, and fostering positive change. I appreciate that the work I am involved with at Avalere Health directly impacts the lives of patients and healthcare professionals, and it’s extremely gratifying and motivating to be mindful of this.

How would you describe the first few weeks of your internship as a new starter?

Joining Avalere Health as a new starter has been an incredible experience encompassing growth and opportunity. Working with experts from various backgrounds in a welcoming and cooperative environment made me feel at ease from the very beginning. The emphasis on teamwork and collaboration has cultivated a spirit of camaraderie and made every day fruitful and fun. I’m also inspired by the organization’s passion for providing healthcare consultancy of the highest caliber and the real-world impacts of our work.

How is this internship supporting your professional growth?

From mentorship programs to internal training sessions and exposure to a variety of projects—the organization fosters a culture that promotes ongoing learning and professional development. Furthermore, the encouraging and friendly environment at Avalere Health enables interns to actively participate in projects, receive feedback, and work towards their career goals. I can without a doubt say that the mentorship and support I’ve received have expedited my professional growth and equipped me for success in the future.

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