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Life as a Digital Producer

Aby | Digital Producer | Manchester, UK | 9/29/2023

Aby, based in Manchester, UK, is a Digital Producer in our Digital Experience Technology (DET) team. In this article, she discusses the skills she has developed in her role and what she finds most rewarding about her work and her team.

What prompted you to pursue the role of a Digital Producer?

I began my career working for a healthcare publishing company where I managed digital content and created weekly newsletters to promote its latest updates, events, and content. It was a very small company and after a while, I found myself wanting to take on more of a challenge and immerse myself in bigger projects. That’s when I found Avalere Health—I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in its innovative digital projects and experiences.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

When I’m working on a campaign or idea at the initial stage, there are many discussions as we collaborate to generate unique concepts and designs. We then bring these ideas to life with the help of the digital design and development teams. This process requires constant problem solving to ensure we can meet the client’s expectations and efficiently execute our deliverables. When we finally get to witness the end product in motion—whether it’s a website pushed live or an interactive experience loaded up at an event booth—it’s so gratifying and makes all the work worth it! Playing a part in the entire life span of a project from inception to completion is the most rewarding part for me.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

Because I work across such a variety of projects at any given time with different clients and deadlines, it’s essential to be able to compartmentalize and multitask to ensure each one is a success. My role also requires a lot of digital knowledge, not only around the types of delivery such as emails, websites, and interactive pieces but also an understanding of the end user and what the client is trying to achieve with their work. On top of this, we are consistently monitoring and implementing feedback on how to improve the delivery of an engaging user experience—a task which involves a lot of patience, task management, and organizational skills.

How have you developed your skill set since becoming a Digital Producer?

Before this role, I had never worked on digital projects involving virtual reality or the intricacies of crafting a fully digital experience. During my time at Avalere Health, I’ve grown significantly by being challenged to step out of my comfort zone. I’m now helping to create more interactive content and expanding my expertise on user experience and user interface all whilst collaborating with many other skilled and talented individuals on exciting new initiatives and opportunities. As a result, I’m able to say I can craft a project plan or timeline from start to finish and be confident in its delivery.

How do you manage your work-life balance?

My team is wonderful at supporting this! Working from home means it can be difficult to properly switch off, but I make sure to get outside during my lunch break or even get up early for a gym session before starting my day. Our flexible working policy is designed to ensure we are all able and empowered to implement balance in our lives and structure our schedules accordingly. It’s also great to have such supportive teams that reduce burdens around time off, making it easy to switch off when I need to do so. I know that when I’m offline, I can relax and properly unwind with the confidence that my ongoing projects are in good hands during my absence.

What do you do outside of working hours?

Since I work in front of a screen for most of the week, I like to spend my free time away from all things digital to ensure I properly switch off. Whether it’s walking the dog, hiking, or even taking on obstacle courses, I enjoy spending my spare time in nature getting fresh air. I also love being physically active and exploring new and exciting places, whether that is inside the UK or traveling abroad.

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