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Life as a Policy Intern

Lisa | Policy Intern | United States | 9/27/2023

Lisa joined Avalere Health as a summer intern on our Policy team. Here, she discusses what drew her to our internship program and how she continues to hone the skill set that will help kick-start a career in healthcare policy.

What attracted you to join Avalere Health’s internship program?

As an aspiring healthcare professional hoping to provide impactful services to patients and healthcare clients from all walks of life, it’s important to me that I surround myself with a diverse range of teams and work on projects that enable better health for all. Building a healthier world just happens to be Avalere Health’s mission, so I knew this opportunity would be a perfect match for me.

Since starting this internship, I’ve had the privilege of meeting fellow interns, colleagues, and clients from all over the world who collaborate to bring this mission to life. I’m also incredibly grateful that this internship has exposed me to a variety of career pathways within healthcare that I otherwise would have never learned about.

What skills do you plan on developing during your time with Avalere Health?

I plan to strengthen my communication and interpersonal skills. A large part of my role is being able to effectively communicate relevant task information to a variety of teams in order to propel projects forward. Without these skills, there is a chance for misinformation, which can delay or prevent the project execution process.

What is your favorite part of the workweek?

I’ve loved the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders and learn from their expertise. I’ve also really enjoyed connecting with the other interns across various divisions of the organization. Our weekly intern check-ins have helped me develop a sense of camaraderie with my peers and I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about their areas of interest and the different types of projects they’ve been working on throughout the week.

How do your values and goals align with Avalere Health’s?

I’m a strong advocate for working towards a healthier future for all. I believe we need to develop innovative ways to help people improve and maintain better health along with a healthy lifestyle. Avalere Health provides groundbreaking solutions to its clients and partners, and it does so in an authentic and genuine way. Presenting innovative solutions to complex healthcare challenges while also considering equity and diversity is necessary for the future of the industry and is very much in line with my professional goals and priorities.

How would you summarize your internship experience for future interns?

There are so many career paths offered within the organization. These include roles within Medical; Marketing; Policy; Value, Evidence, and Access; Digital Experience Technology; and Consulting—all of which are supported by Group Services. As research and technology in healthcare continue to evolve, so do the amount of job opportunities. I went into this internship thinking I would strictly focus on healthcare policy—however, I have encountered a plethora of other opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals to explore. So if you’re a new starter hoping to explore different sectors within healthcare, Avalere Health is definitely the place to do it!

How has this experience supported your professional growth?

I recently graduated from university, and in today’s day and age, it is critical to have professional experience under your belt before entering the workforce. Because of this internship, I now have highly relevant work experience and a solid foundation within the healthcare policy space. This experience has also provided me with invaluable and transferable soft skills that I will take with me throughout my career journey. I am confident that when this internship ends, I will be better prepared for future job opportunities with the knowledge and expertise that this internship and organization have equipped me with.

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