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Life as a Senior Medical Writer

Laura | Senior Medical Writer | Kent, UK | 10/7/2023

Laura, based in Kent, UK, is a Senior Medical Writer in our Global Marketing team. Here, she discusses her career journey and how her passionate and dedicated team helps her achieve her best work.

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity in Medical Writing?

I’ve always had a broad range of interests, but I naturally followed the path of science and ended up earning a PhD in Immunology. I then switched from a post-Doc academic position to medical writing, which combines both my scientific and creative sides so I can continue learning and challenging myself without spending hours in the lab.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Medical writing is highly collaborative, and there’s a huge sense of team pride. It’s amazing to work alongside people with such a diverse range of skills who produce work that we can all be extremely proud of. I feel especially energized when I witness how our work can make a real impact on someone’s life.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

Firstly, it’s important to have passion and enthusiasm for your work and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Because our projects are so varied, it also helps to be adaptable and detail oriented. My PhD provided a lot of transferrable skills like problem-solving, resilience, critical thinking, handling data, and knowing how to formulate a good argument, which are all helpful as a Medical Writer.

How have you developed your skill set since becoming a Medical Writer?

Before starting in this role, most of my writing experience had been through academia, so it’s been a steep learning curve. I’ve been lucky to have had several amazing mentors who guided me over the years. I also have brilliant colleagues who always make time to help with things like sharpening my writing or teaching me how design can complement and accentuate my copy.

What are the key highlights of your week?

Fun Fridays are a real highlight of the week—during our morning meeting, we take turns running an activity. We’ve had everything from picture quizzes and game show rip-offs to puzzles and origami. Everyone gets involved and gives it a go.

Why work for Avalere Health?

The people are what make the organization so great. There’s a shared sense of pride across the team. We’re all committed to producing excellent work and supporting each other in the process, and everyone has a voice and an opportunity to make an impact. The variety of work continues to keep me engaged and interested. Some days I’m working on something very data-heavy, and the next, I’m crafting a creative narrative.

How do you manage your work-life balance?

There’s transparency and honesty within the organization, so people respect that their colleagues have different commitments inside and outside of work. We look out for and support each other. I’m a morning person, so I tackle the more complex jobs first. Then I know I can leave in time for my son’s nursery pick-up in the afternoon!

After a busy work week, how do you unwind?

I’ve recently gotten into running, and I just ran my first marathon. My home is surrounded by beautiful countryside, so running gives me a chance to explore the area, take in the views, and clear my head. I also like to spend as much time as possible outside as a family with my partner and little boy.

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