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Life as an Associate Consultant

Ford | Associate Consultant | London, UK | 9/5/2023

Ford, based in London, UK, is an Associate Consultant within our Global Marketing team. Here, he shares what a typical workday is like for him and why he was drawn to Avalere Health.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

At the moment, I work in hematology. However, I often collaborate with other teams to provide additional support across different therapy areas. During a typical day, I support the development of deliverables and work on broader strategies that impact them. I’m also in constant communication with our clients, the senior members of my team, and the creative services team to ensure that we’re aligned on the strategy and associated deliverables for the project.

Why were you drawn to the role of Associate Consultant?

Prior to the pivot in my role to an Associate Consultant, I was an Account Executive at the organization. As an Account Executive my work spanned many projects, which meant that I kept more plates spinning at once than I do in my current role.

My role as an Associate Consultant is now focused on specific areas in which I spend more time and energy on larger challenges. I love applying logic to a challenge—and using insights to work towards creating an elegant and effective solution. As the nature of each challenge varies, the style of thinking and work required also changes, but you are still ultimately using insight to solve difficult problems— which never gets old!

Why work for Avalere Health?

My initial goal had always been to work in a laboratory, conducting research within immunology. However, I didn’t want to dedicate my life to research that could prove unfruitful. Working in healthcare marketing is a positive way to ensure my energy is directed at helping patients in areas of the highest unmet need, whilst being able to stay close to the science, which Avalere Health allows me to do.

With the organization, I have been lucky enough to take part in some truly excellent training sessions with industry leaders and have a dedicated colleague to help me sculpt my career and achieve development goals. I am also afforded many opportunities to work on various projects to further round out my experience and skills and have been provided with additional resources to support my learning.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

There is a big emphasis on connections, ensuring everyone is heard, and has the support they need. I am part of a tight-knit team, and the way we work is symbiotic, which allows us to deliver consistent high-quality work.

Avalere Health is made up of individuals with deep expertise in healthcare, so understanding the regulations of marketing in the healthcare space is valuable in the work we do. There are more rules and regulations than commercial marketing, so the work can sometimes feel restricted, or your ideas might not be able to go in every direction. This challenge is what makes healthcare marketing so exciting!

Ultimately, the most important skill for this role is your ability to understand, interpret, distill, and present complex data with clarity. The logical approach conferred by STEM subjects is very useful as a huge part of the role is problem solving.

With all that work, is there time for play?

When I’m in the office I enjoy sitting on the terrace in the sun after work with my colleagues to unwind for the day. Avalere Health consistently organizes weekly social events, which I have really enjoyed participating in. It’s been a great way to meet and chat with new people from across the company from all over the world!

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