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Life as an Associate Principal


Kevin, based in New Jersey, US, is an Associate Principal in our Policy team. Here, he shares the impact of working with an innovative team of experts and why he was drawn to pursue a career in healthcare consulting.

How did you end up in your current role?

I began my career in a small marketing consulting firm, focusing on consumer-packaged goods. However, with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a desire to work in healthcare, I decided to transition to a medical device consultancy based in Washington, DC. I then gained further consulting experience in the highly regulated healthcare market where I was exposed to the wide variety of support stakeholders require in order to navigate and succeed within the system. I really enjoyed the emphasis on building relationships with clients and identifying opportunities to develop and grow our partnership, which is what led me to pursue an opportunity with Avalere (part of Avalere Health). Since joining the organization in 2019, I have honed my focus on business development and key account management within the sector.

Why work for Avalere (part of Avalere Health)?

In short, the people. The organization has maintained its uniquely magnetic culture by allowing individuals to partner with colleagues in a manner that provides a diverse range of experience while attempting to tackle healthcare’s most challenging problems. Within the teams I have worked in, there is a commitment to collaboration which I have not witnessed elsewhere in my decade of work within healthcare consulting.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

It’s vital to understand a client’s priorities and reflect on how our expertise and service offerings can support those objectives. Working in a client-facing role, where there is consistent and direct communication, it’s important to possess an ability to challenge the clients’ thinking on how to approach a problem or bottleneck, as well as having the creativity and flexibility to suggest alternative solutions they may not have considered previously. Being able to pivot quickly and successfully manage several competing priorities is also extremely valuable.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Gaining insights from and learning alongside subject matter experts, who have decades of industry experience, is invaluable. I also find it rewarding to work in an industry where there are endless opportunities for continuous learning, ensuring I am constantly being challenged and motivated.

Why pursue a career in healthcare consulting?

It provides the opportunity to gain exposure across multiple therapeutic areas with functional responsibilities and a focus on problem-solving—all within various organizational sizes and structures. This level of insight into the industry has allowed me to rapidly learn about the US healthcare system whilst being part of a team that builds relationships with clients across the industry, focusing on novel ways to improve that system.

What do you most value in your team?

I value their enthusiasm. Each member of my team is committed to supporting our clients in working to maximize patient access to therapies that will improve their lives. Our colleagues aren’t afraid to present new ideas and share their thoughts, particularly when looking to challenge the status quo, which is incredibly valuable given the problem-solving nature of our work.

How do you maintain your work-life balance?

My team prioritizes open communication, so I can set clear boundaries with them for when I am available and when I am not. This enables me to plan my working day efficiently, organizing tasks and activities throughout my day to ensure all my work is completed. At home, I’m lucky enough to have two beautiful daughters, aged 3 and 1, who make it easy to switch off, unwind, and enjoy life outside of work.

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