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Life as an Editorial Business Manager

Heather | Editorial Business Manager | Knutsford, UK | 9/7/2023

Heather, based in Knutsford, UK, is an Editorial Business Manager within our Medical team. Here, she shares what a typical workday looks like and what it takes to succeed in her role.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I’ve worked across a whole host of accounts in a wide range of therapy areas, so there often isn’t a “typical” day! I could be putting together eye-catching slides for a client’s internal team presentation in the morning and reviewing a manuscript draft in the afternoon, before joining a video call with a group of authors to kick-off a congress abstract.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

Specific skills such as being able to interpret scientific data and use reference management software programs are important for many daily tasks. My PhD also helped me to develop a range of transferable skills that I now use every day. For example, being adept at time management, prioritization, organization, and working as part of a team who are driven towards a common goal are all useful attributes for getting you off to a great start in medical communications!

What sort of training and development have you engaged with at Avalere Health?

As well as keeping up to date with helpful day-to-day, job-related training, I’ve really enjoyed the more holistic training courses Avalere Health provides, including a range of equality, diversity, and inclusion modules, as well as training on resilience and mental health matters. I’ve also recently started the newly developed Leadership Training program, which I hope will help hone my leadership skills as I progress through my career.

Why work for Avalere Health?

Something about the people and the “vibe” at Avalere Health jumped out at me. It seemed like a friendly, family-style environment where employees are valued as people which really resonates with me.

With all that work, is there time for play? 

My favorite hobby has always been travelling, as visiting new places and experiencing new cultures really inspires me (as do a few beach-side cocktails every now and then!). In between far-flung escapades, I enjoy creating adventure closer to home with walks, hikes, camping trips and festivals, and recovering from said adventures with a Netflix marathon.

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