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Avalere Health appoints new Chief Financial Officer to meet clients’ fast-evolving commercial challenges


Healthcare industry veteran John Gransee joins our Executive Leadership team and leverages his deep experience to drive efficiency and value for our clients.

We’re delighted to welcome John Gransee as our new Chief Financial Officer at Avalere Health. John has spent 30+ years as a leader in the healthcare industry, including roles at LabCorp, Covance, Baxter International, and not-for-profit organization, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

“John’s background in building and scaling biopharmaceutical professional service organizations is invaluable as we grow,” says Jon Koch, CEO. “He brings a wealth of expertise in streamlining and transforming business and financial operations, helping clients to navigate commercial challenges, and developing innovative partnership models.”

Today, John is based in Wisconsin, but his work has taken him across the globe. “I’ve spent the majority of my career in the life science industry and enjoy working in an environment that is dedicated to improving people’s lives,” he explains. “I’ve had the opportunity to live in 10 different locations and spent half my career in Europe and Asia, so I’m excited to work in a global company with a UK base.”

When asked what attracted him to the role, John highlighted our interdisciplinary model, growth mindset, and the strength of our leadership team: “I can see how talented the executive team is and that’s reconfirmed every time I see them in action. I previously worked with Jon Koch at Covance so I’ve seen firsthand what he can achieve as a leader. I’m looking forward to working with him again to support Avalere Health to meet its goals as the premier partner for healthcare clients.”

John is the latest of several high-profile leadership announcements made following our rebrand on October 18, 2023, in which we cemented our proposition as a global commercialization partner and unified our 1,500+ experts across three continents, under a single vision, infrastructure, and brand. He will support our teams to scale with agility, facilitating seamless collaboration across the product lifecycle, from advisory to implementation.

“Avalere Health’s achievements in consolidating the organization and developing an infrastructure to drive collaboration are unmatched in this industry,” he explains. “I see tremendous opportunity to grow and build something very special for our clients and the stakeholders they serve.”

Leveraging his extensive experience in optimizing healthcare organizations, he is evolving our business practices to deliver improved commercial outcomes for our biopharmaceutical, medical wellness, medical technology, and investor clients. This includes introducing new technologies, strategies, and contracting frameworks to enhance our clients’ business models and ensure we remain the optimal partner, working efficiently, effectively, and with agility to meet their business goals.

“With the right constructs, systems, and processes in place, we can create greater returns for everyone while empowering our teams to rapidly mobilize and provide solutions that drive tangible change across the healthcare landscape,” he says. “By evolving our practices behind the scenes, we can also faster meet our goal of building the connections that make better health happen, breaking down barriers to uncover the potential in every product and the possibilities for every patient.”


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