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Celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion at Avalere Health

Samhita Sen, Marketing Executive | 12/12/2023

At Avalere Health, we’re committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. Find out about our key achievements in 2023.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) have been and remain at the forefront of our organizational values and we are proud to have many highlights to reflect upon over the past year. Committed to fostering an equitable, purposeful, diverse, and inclusive workplace, we continuously strive to build teams and deliver solutions through a DE&I lens—even more so, as we unite under the new name and brand of Avalere Health.

As we approach the end of the year, our team is excited to celebrate some of our key DE&I initiatives in 2023:

1. Creative Equals’ Creative Comeback Disability Program

For the third consecutive year, Avalere Health has been a proud Agency Mentors Partner in Creative Equals’ Creative Comeback Program. This initiative addresses systemic challenges in the creative industry, empowering individuals in the community to re-enter the workforce after a career break. This year, the program focused on the chronic underinvestment in disabled talent. With support from Creative Equals, employees at Avalere Health volunteered as mentors for the program, partnering with their mentees for a three-week bootcamp, offering advice and opportunities for their professional growth.

“Being a mentor to such brilliant minds was a total privilege,” says Philippa, Associate Creative Director, Copy, and one of our mentors this year. “I was inspired by every single member of the cohort who put themselves out there with some fantastic creative thinking. Great advertising needs greater diversity—otherwise, we lose relevance, we lose that ability to connect with people. Hopefully one day, we won’t need Creative Equals to make sure this happens.”

As a key agency partner in the program, our mentors play a vital role in fostering DE&I in the creative space and reinforce our dedication to creating opportunities for diverse individuals. Lesley, Associate Creative Director, Art, says, “I became a mentor to neurodiverse creatives to make a difference and share my knowledge. The experience has been rewarding, offering insights into the challenges of neurodivergence and helping reshape my worldview. Moving forward, I will take neurodiversity into greater consideration in our creative and strategic work, particularly in spaces like congresses and other interactive experiences.”



From unconscious bias training to our microaggression reporting tool, to implementing inclusive policies, we are always looking for more ways to show up for our LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Sheena Amin-Liebman

Global Head of DE&I

avatar for Sheena Amin-Liebman - Global Head of DE&I

2. Allyship and inclusive recruitment

We are proud to partner with multiple DE&I recruitment platforms to ensure career opportunities at Avalere Health are available to a diverse pool of talent. Some of our partner organizations include, Inclusive Companies, myGwork, and the Hispanic Latino Professionals Association. As part of our partnership with myGwork, an LGBTQ+ focused platform, Sheena Amin-Liebman, our Global Head of DE&I, spoke on a panel focused on Allyship in the workplace, emphasizing the need for continuous education, unlearning biases, and challenging systemic norms.

Sheena addressed the nearly 500 attendees on the importance of understanding what being an ally truly embodies: “It is not only about supporting a cause but refers to individuals who actively advocate for marginalized communities and recognize their ongoing journey of continuous education.” At Avalere Health, we understand the importance of fostering allyship to create a truly inclusive workplace. Our multifaceted approach to encourage this involves comprehensive diversity and inclusion training, empathy-building initiatives, and actionable changes such as mentorship programs and inclusive policies.

“From unconscious bias training to our microaggression reporting tool, to implementing inclusive policies, we are always looking for more ways to show up for our LGBTQ+ colleagues. With that being said, I’m proud to share that our Inclusion Index (based on our annual employee engagement survey) improved by 6% in 2023, reaching 83%, compared to this time last year, and it is our hope to share further improvements going forward,” says Sheena.

3. Black and African American Sponsorship Program

During UK Black History Month, we launched our Black and African American Sponsorship Program. This initiative pairs executive sponsors from Avalere Health with Black and African American protégés, offering guidance, advocacy, and opportunities for professional growth within our organization.

“I’m proud to be a part of our inaugural Global Sponsorship Program for Black and African American employees. It’s so necessary to confront inequalities in the workplace that have created opportunity barriers for this group for far too long. Studies have shown that sponsorship can transform careers and to that I say, let the transformations begin!” says Tiffany, HR Advisor and DE&I Lead.

To ensure the success of our program, we partnered with lollipop mentoring, a mentorship program designed for Black women and diverse talent, to help facilitate our program’s structure and implement further training for our employees. The assistance from lollipop mentoring includes comprehensive support from onboarding to the close of the program. The program consists of matching executive sponsors with protégés, supervising regular feedback and check-in sessions, and providing structural reinforcement to guide our efforts. With the immense potential for change, we look forward to reporting back on the program and the professional advancement opportunities it provides.

4. Rotational Executive Committee Sponsorship of Employee Network Groups


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not checkboxes to tick, but crucial threads that we weave through the fabric of who we are.

Jon Koch

CEO and Executive Sponsor of the Diverse Ability ENG

avatar for Jon Koch - CEO and Executive Sponsor of the Diverse Ability ENG


Our six Employee Network Groups (ENGs), covering Mental Health, LGBTQ+, Family, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Diverse Ability, play a critical role in fostering our inclusive culture. Executive Committee members rotate sponsorship of these groups every 12 months, ensuring their continuous education and active involvement in inclusion initiatives. This unique approach contributes to equity, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by employees that each Executive Leader can take with them into their own professional and personal lives.

“As an organization, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not checkboxes to tick, but crucial threads that we weave through the fabric of who we are. As the sponsor of the Diverse Ability ENG, I’ve learned so much about the experience of our employees, including those who experience invisible disabilities, physical, or other impairments. From Diversity Dialogues focused on themes such as menopause or neurodivergence to our dedicated Mental Health First Aiders who are available for their colleagues to reach out to at any time, I’m so proud to be surrounded by such a supportive community of experts who are willing to learn from each other,” says Jon Koch, CEO and Executive Sponsor of the Diverse Ability ENG.

By bringing executive leaders closer to the experiences of our diverse teams, we foster a culture of empathy and respect amongst our colleagues, and, most importantly, a workplace where everyone feels they truly belong.

As we celebrate the milestones of the past year, Avalere Health remains steadfast in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our efforts are not isolated initiatives, but integral to creating a cohesive culture where every voice is heard, uplifted, and valued. With the holiday season in mind, our leadership team is excited to share a dedicated seasonal message to our teams to thank them for their partnership and commitment to our shared journey of making better health happen.


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