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Expanding our global market access and HEOR capabilities with the acquisition of PRMA Consulting


Avalere Health bolsters its strong strategic offering by acquiring PRMA Consulting – a global market access and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) firm with deep US, European, and Asia-Pacific expertise.

We are delighted to welcome market access and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) consultancy PRMA Consulting to Avalere Health.

The acquisition follows the addition of US-based market access consultancy Skysis in April 2020. With the extensive knowledge and skills of the PRMA Consulting team, we now have unrivaled market access and HEOR services spanning the US, European, and Asia-Pacific markets.

PRMA Consulting is shaping the future of market access, paving the way with its industry-leading strategic offering and award-winning, cloud-based digital applications that unlock and optimize product value—the PRMA Healthcheck® (2020 award winner in the PM Society Digital Awards), the PRMA Navigator® (2019 finalist in the Innovation Series), the PRMA Tracker®, and the PRMA Access Accelerator® (named in 2021 as one of the top 10 Outsourcing Consulting Companies by technology thought leader Pharma Tech Outlook magazine).

The PRMA Consulting team are experts in meeting the evolving value, evidence, and access needs of life science companies, enabling faster patient access to therapies that improve health outcomes. As a result, their skills will play a vital role in ensuring Avalere Health meets its mission of driving innovation and connecting health professionals and patients with the knowledge they need to live better lives.

The acquisition of PRMA brings a team with extensive global market access, HEOR, and disease area experience into the wider Avalere Health group, making them an important addition to the Consulting business unit. Adding a team of market access and health economics strategists with deep specialism in HEOR, healthcare technology assessments, pricing, and reimbursement processes presents an opportunity to further develop market-leading integrated cross-functional service offerings for clients.

By acquiring best-in-class organizations like PRMA Consulting, Avalere Health is continuously developing agile, integrated, and tailored solutions that ensure that we remain one step ahead of our client’s complex and evolving needs across the product life cycle – from laboratory asset to launch and beyond. PRMA will play a crucial role in building out the leading global value, evidence, and access group at Avalere Health.

A key goal of Avalere Health is to give clients access to highly experienced experts who provide strategic direction, helping to make decisions that matter across the development and commercialization of portfolios, products, and services. The PRMA Consulting team’s passion for solving the most complex and challenging healthcare problems in fast-evolving markets fits perfectly into this ethos. The ability to tap into existing complementary Avalere Health resources, enables PRMA to provide its existing clients with an enhanced experience across the product life cycle.

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In October 2023, Avalere Health became a single, unified organization. As a result, the PRMA Consulting brand was retired, with its experts forming connected interdisciplinary teams with colleagues across the globe, spanning all aspects of Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence across the product life cycle.

This article was originally published on March 24, 2021.

Company news

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