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Expanding our value, evidence, and market access capabilities with the acquisition of HEOR consultancy Policy Analysis Inc. (PAI)


With the addition of PAI, our Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence (PAVE) team offers an impressive suite of end-to-end services and unsurpassed geographic reach.

We’re delighted to welcome US-based health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) consultancy Policy Analysis Inc. (PAI) to our group, strengthening our Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence (PAVE) offering.

Jon Koch, CEO at Avalere Health, said: “The PAI and hēRo3 teams bring to Avalere Health an outstanding reputation and track record of technology-led innovation. With their expertise, we are uniquely positioned to offer truly insightful strategic thinking and technical execution to meet payers’ evolving demands. These services are integral for helping our clients make critical decisions early in product development, mitigating some of the risks of bringing new molecules and indications to market.”

HEOR and real-world evidence expertise

PAI is a 45-year-old HEOR consultancy, located in Boston, Massachusetts, that boasts an impressive track record of more than 300 publications in major peer-reviewed journals, and a history of engagements with more than 100 US, European, and Asian biopharmaceutical companies.

PAI’s core services include HEOR strategy development, evidence generation planning, economic modeling, real-word evidence and trial-based data analytics, and evidence synthesis and health technology assessment. With the addition of PAI to our PAVE capability, we now have one of the largest and fastest-growing teams dedicated to value, evidence, and access, all of which are critical to the commercial success of new products.

Gerry Oster, PhD, Managing Partner at PAI, will become our new Global Head of Health Economics, leveraging his more than 30 years of experience in HEOR. He said: “When the Avalere Health and PAI leadership teams met for the first time, the synergies and fit were immediately apparent. It was clear that we shared not only core values as companies, but also a vision of how, together, we could bring significant value to our clients.”

An unsurpassed offering in value, evidence, and access

Our PAVE capability is designed to help our clients respond more effectively to the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex global market access environment, providing multidisciplinary skill sets and deep knowledge of both the HEOR and the payer landscapes in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

The new PAVE offering includes a comprehensive set of capabilities and services to help our clients effectively meet escalating requirements for evidence that new products provide good value.

In addition to the team’s insights and strategic expertise, clients will also benefit from a suite of proprietary HEOR and market access digital platforms to help biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies make more-informed decisions during clinical development, thereby reducing time to market access.

The new global PAVE team will provide best-in-class strategic consulting, from early-stage development to successful launch and beyond. PAI strengthens the Avalere Health collective and ensures that the company is best positioned to help partners accelerate their commercialization decisions and optimize their market access opportunities.

A suite of proprietary HEOR and Market Access platforms

PAI also brings an innovative digital platform called hēRo3. The cloud-based platform has revolutionized HEOR modeling, especially for pipeline assets, enabling rapid value analytics to be conducted for development candidates. In turn, it plays a key role in promoting the strategic design of clinical development programs and HEOR evidence generation plans.

The novel platform is used by more than a dozen of the top 40 biopharmaceutical companies and has helped usher in an era of rapid HEOR analytics for pipeline assets.

HēRo3 joins our four secure and intuitive cloud-based digital applications, designed to help unlock and optimize the product’s value.

  • PRMA Healthcheck®: A digital application driving a systematic and robust assessment of market access risks and opportunities across the asset portfolio
  • PRMA Navigator®: A platform created to help biopharmaceutical clients to shorten the time to market access by empowering affiliates to deliver high-quality multiple HTAs and other payer submissions
  • PRMA Tracker®: A digital tool designed to help keep clients updated on the cutting-edge market insights crucial to the payer evaluation and HTA strategy
  • PRMA Access Accelerator®: The application provides expert insights that inform the development of the product, from early portfolio investment decisions to late-stage market access planning and testing.

Engaging our collective force alongside our partners to accelerate their commercialization decisions

Armed with our collective knowledge and expertise, our teams can more effectively partner with clients to make meaningful commercialization decisions earlier in the clinical development lifecycle and meet payers’ and regulators’ evolving demands.

Working in collaboration with our other capabilities—Medical, Marketing, and Consulting—the PAVE team will play a crucial role in realizing our vision of creating the connections that make better health happen. By building these connections across the product and portfolio lifecycle, we can ensure our clients gain a rigorous understanding of the evolving needs of an increasingly interconnected network of stakeholders, driving a seamless and agile strategy that meets their needs, from early development to launch and beyond.

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In October 2023, Avalere Health became a single, unified organization. As a result, the PAI brand was retired, with its experts forming connected interdisciplinary teams with colleagues across the globe, spanning all aspects of Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence across the product life cycle.

This article was originally published on March 3, 2022.

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