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Welcoming The Hive Health Group to Avalere Health


We are delighted to announce the acquisition of The Hive Health Group, a strategically led healthcare marketing and scientific communications business based in London and New York.

We are starting 2021 with some exciting news—we are welcoming The Hive Health Group to Avalere Health. The Hive Health Group is made up of two brands, Hive Health and Pollen Health, which partner with clients across the life science industry. 

The healthcare marketing and scientific communications agency is renowned for its strategic approach, scientific storytelling, and innovative patient engagement. Its capabilities bolster our integrated offering, ensuring clients benefit from the depth of our expertise and an impressive range of services spanning Medical Communications, Consulting, and Commercial capabilities. 

The company’s patient-centric approach uncovers unmet needs for patients and healthcare professionals, which form the foundation for differentiated strategies for life science brands. Its expertise will help us further deliver on our mission to connect healthcare professionals and patients with the knowledge needed to live better lives.

Jas Hummel, Global Chief Executive Officer of The Hive Health Group, said: “We are delighted to join a dynamic and growing business that offers our clients scale, expertise, and breadth of services in the healthcare sector. The Hive Health Group was acquired in 2014 by Kin + Carta in, who have more recently focused their commitment on the digital transformation space. The reality is that our healthcare clients need a much wider mix of capabilities, and it has become clear to leadership in both organizations, that our offering and priorities were not aligned.” 

The Hive Health Group is a strategically-led healthcare communications brand with deep expertise in patient engagement. This addition represents a new phase of growth for Avalere Health as a nimble and collaborative organization.  

“Avalere Health is an impressive company,” noted Hummel. “Just like The Hive Group, it has a strong and fearless entrepreneurial spirit, and the company ensures humanity, authenticity, and empathy are at the heart of all its work. We are excited to join the team and give our clients access to a wider pool of expertise and a stronger offering that extends our capabilities in Medical Communication and Consulting, which includes market access, expanded digital offerings, and media solutions. I am thrilled about the next chapter in our journey.”

Group Creative Director, Melissa de Lusignan agreed. “It’s rare to find an organization whose culture and ethos truly mirror our own. For me,” de Lusignan elaborated, “the focus on collaboration, teamwork, and personal development are just some of the reasons why being part of this impressive organization is such an exciting prospect. Working alongside such diverse and talented teams will empower us to continue challenging our clients and ourselves to deliver work that changes lives and makes us proud.” Get in touch to learn how we can help you solve your healthcare challenges.

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In October 2023, Avalere Health became a single, unified organization. As a result, the Hive Health and Pollen Health brands were retired, with its experts forming globally connected interdisciplinary teams as part of our Marketing capability.

This article was originally published on January 6, 2021.

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