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Nurturing mobility, motivation, and growth in early careers


Learn about how we nurture our early careers offerings and talent through an emphasis on engaging career experiences, a collaborative and cohesive work culture, and prioritizing space for authenticity and growth.

Companies that help individuals develop their skills and realize their potential by embracing mobility and strengthening learning opportunities are more likely to attract and retain talent. This is particularly important with individuals in the early stages of their careers to nurture both breadth and depth in skillset and prepare them for future roles.

Often, individuals at the start of their career journey look not only for a place where their skills and interests fit, but a place where they can thrive. At Avalere Health, we’re proud to offer a collaborative experience for learning and advancement across our early careers programs and beyond. From interns to the senior leadership team and all those in between, every individual’s career experience and desired pathway is considered, and opportunities are crafted for their guidance and growth.

Our interns learn about the industry and develop their skillsets working on client-facing projects from day one with support from a dedicated mentor. Naya, Copy Intern, said, “As someone who is still undecided about a career path, interning at Avalere Health has expanded my horizons and allowed me to explore my many interests within the company. In particular, the mentorship I receive from my manager provides me with unparalleled insight into all the career options open to me.”

Offering genuine mentorship and creating an environment in which people feel welcome to explore, make mistakes, and learn is paramount to developing early careers and welcoming new starters into a complex industry.

Camille, Project Coordinator Intern, said, “Avalere Health places a high importance on effective team communication and collaboration. Since joining the company, so many colleagues across capabilities have reached out to introduce themselves to me and have taken the time to meet and build connections with me. The welcome I received has been a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Embracing mobility, wherever it takes you

Research shows that a lack of opportunities to learn or be challenged in new ways is the primary driver of employees quitting their jobs. Creating more opportunities for internal mobility, however, reduces the likelihood of employee turnover.

Avalere Health’s robust career development offerings include a complementary suite of internal platforms that enable employees to develop personalized career journeys and take control of their path and priorities. With full transparency around existing and open roles within the company, access to further training opportunities to address any skill gaps, and recognition regularly awarded, every individual has access to the tools required to help them progress and flourish.

“Avalere Health prioritizes learning on the job, whether it’s peer to peer or with supervisors. My experience here has provided me with the opportunity to explore a new facet of healthcare to consider the commercialization of a product or service, and has instilled in me the confidence, assurance, and curiosity to continue to learn and grow in the workplace,” said Amuktha, Client Services Intern.

Nurturing employees’ careers doesn’t stop when the internship or early careers phase ends—it continues at all levels throughout an individual’s time at Avalere Health. For example, our Supporting Training and Enhancing Professional Skills (STEPS) program enables medical writers at all levels to advance their writing career. Such opportunities help existing professionals upskill and remain informed of the latest developments in their field.

For young talent, the opportunity to join a company that embraces mobility can open many doors. Shivaani, Commercial Strategy Intern, explained, “The overarching question that persisted after completing my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences was the ‘how’—how can research be translated in a clinical setting, how will patients benefit, and how do the various stakeholders influence this trajectory? When I came across Avalere Health, its description as a ‘global commercialization services partner’ really resonated with me, and I could see how meaningful change could be achieved at the interface between science and business. I was thrilled to be involved in these projects through a comprehensive 10-week internship program.”

Jessica, Art Intern, added, “As a mature student, it was important for me to find the right steppingstone for launching my career. Since joining the company, I’ve not only obtained first-hand, real-world experience, I’ve also been able to learn from my mentors, who have accelerated the expansion of my skillset to help me truly succeed.”

Setting our values into motion

A diverse and motivated workforce is more likely to succeed and achieve its goals. Avalere Health’s continued commitment to diversifying our talent pool and strengthening the talent pipeline by hiring skilled individuals from nontraditional backgrounds brings new perspectives to the team and cultivates greater awareness of the industry to more people. This emphasis on inclusion is furthered by a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the company culture and working experience.

Shivaani said, “I have met some wonderful individuals that have brought a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives to the table. Through these conversations, I have gained a much stronger understanding of Avalere Health, the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and wellness industries, and the healthcare sector at large—this has brought color and depth to the workplace beyond the specific role.”

Maria, Medical and Scientific Services Intern, added, “Since joining the company, I’ve learned the importance of being both strategic and creative with scientific information to effectively communicate and market our ideas or products. More importantly, this internship has shown me the significance of the perspectives of the patients and healthcare professionals we serve; and to not lose sight of our clients and the patients they serve.”

At Avalere Health, all employees are required to complete unconscious bias training and are highly encouraged to get involved in at least one of our six Employee Resource Groups. Each group is dedicated to an issue or area that impacts all areas of life and helps bring awareness, understanding, and equity to areas of concern.

“Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of our core values. I believe the onus is on larger companies to set the standard for inclusion within the workplace to ensure every single employee is cared for, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other identity. From training on anti-racism and recognizing and addressing unconscious biases to a ‘Big Gay Quiz’ for Pride Month, Avalere Health demonstrates responsibility to drive change and sets this standard,” said Issy, Medical Writer Intern.

Cultivating a strong culture of inclusivity and passion also helps build teams with a collective commitment and motivation to make better health outcomes a reality. Strong, shared values carry into every meeting and deliverable at Avalere Health, driving everything we do.

Amal, Editorial Intern, added, “The company’s values inform every piece of work that is produced. I’m proud to intern for a company whose values align with my own and am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with like-minded colleagues. I’ve especially enjoyed working with my fellow interns from all over the globe and witnessing how we’ve each played a part in delivering our intern project.”

Nurturing growth without exception

As one of many steps in people’s career journey, Avalere Health strives to create a welcoming and equitable space that attracts, motivates, engages, and retains talent, while also helping them grow elsewhere if they so choose. As our boomerang employees can attest, the culture created by the shared values and supportive people at Avalere Health makes a world of difference as individuals carve out their career.

Nadiyah, Creative Studio Intern, said, “The world of biopharmaceutical commercialization services was new to me upon applying to join the program. Since then, my knowledge of the industry has expanded. I’ve learned more about my own interests, including my desire to play a role in creating a healthier world, the breadth of services that encompass commercializing a product or service, and the many roles that exist outside the classroom needed to fuel the industry.

At Avalere Health, we’re proud to offer multiple entry-level roles for individuals starting their careers. Interested in starting your career at Avalere Health?


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