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Shaping Careers Through Continued Learning with the Global Professional Development Fund


At Avalere Health, we recognize that our employees are the driving force behind our success. We value their insights and actively seek their feedback to create a workplace that fosters growth and development. In last year’s annual companywide survey, our employees expressed a strong desire for more opportunities to advance their careers and expand their skills. Listening to them, we responded by launching the Global Professional Development Fund, a tangible demonstration of our commitment to investing in our people.

The Global Professional Development Fund is an initiative that supports Avalere Health employees to achieve their learning and career development goals. The fund provides financial assistance of up to £3,500 (or equivalent) towards accredited training or education courses that enhance skills, benefit the individual’s career, and add value to the business. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year from all Avalere Health employees, regardless of their length of service at the organization. Employees are also welcome to submit new applications each year, regardless of whether they utilized the funds previously.

Since launching a year ago, we’ve learned that the Global Professional Development Fund facilitates not just theoretical knowledge but practical, hands-on experience that translates directly to our work at Avalere Health too. Whether it’s collecting extensive public health policy data, undertaking capstone projects that explore healthcare systems in different countries, or gaining insights into equity and diversity in clinical trials, the learning outcomes have been impactful in shaping our employees’ career journeys and our work to make better health happen at Avalere Health.

The program has fostered a culture of continuous learning and professional development that resonates deeply with our team. Employees express a renewed sense of motivation and purpose, highlighting how the Global Professional Development Fund has enabled them to expand their understanding of the healthcare landscape, strengthen their competencies in specialized fields, and even transition into new areas of expertise within our organization.

Hear from some of our colleagues as they share how the Global Professional Development Fund has enriched their careers.

What learning opportunity are you pursuing with funding from the Global Professional Development Fund?

Carolina, Finance Assistant (Global Marketing): I pursued the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Qualification because it not only equips me with valuable financial knowledge and skills but also provides an opportunity for professional accreditation.

Laura, Practice Director (Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence): I’m pursuing a public health doctoral program at Boston University School of Public Health. The fund contributed to my required dissertation course on data collection and analysis.

Molly, Senior Business Manager, Learning and Development (Consulting): I enrolled in the final two courses for my MBA—one course focusing on Leadership Skills and Coaching and the other on Strategy and International Management—through the local University of Southern Indiana’s accredited MBA program.

Olivia, Associate (Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence): I’ve been involved in various projects focused on Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and value assessment, which motivated me to seek further education through the University of Washington.

Peter, Senior Analyst (Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence): I used the fund to attend the Young Black Pharma Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was focused on Black professionals with essential resources and networking opportunities to increase the representation of Black people while improving their trajectory in the life science and pharmaceutical industry.

Reece, Consultant (Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence): I applied for funding towards a Master’s degree in Health Economics & Policy at the University of Lancaster, which is a part-time distance learning course that I’ll be completing in my own time alongside my day job.

Sam, Senior Project Manager (Medical): I chose to apply for a Project Management Professional (PMP) course through the Project Management Institute (PMI), which will allow me to get my PMP certification once completed.

Could you share your experience with the program up to this point and any notable insights you’ve encountered?

Carolina: Balancing studies with work has presented its challenges, but I am grateful to Avalere Health for providing this remarkable opportunity for my career.

Laura: It’s been a lot of work collecting public health policy data on all 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts, but I learned some fun facts through my research, such as some towns haven’t updated their bylaws since the 1800s!

Molly: I’ve just completed both courses, thereby completing my MBA program, and am finally graduating! I’ve really enjoyed the program, but these two classes specifically have given me a great understanding of different leadership styles and characteristics of great managers that I can share and implement with my team. A fun anecdote I’ve learned is that most managers play checkers simply by moving around pieces to make it to the end of the board, but great managers play chess and know the strengths of their team members and play to those strengths.

Olivia: A prerequisite for completing the initial course segment involved undertaking a capstone project in collaboration with fellow participants. I opted to focus my section on the delivery of physician services in Germany.

Peter: The conference was rich with prestigious guest speakers and panelists who spoke about equity and diversity in clinical trials. Ensuring those who are at the highest risk of certain diseases are adequately represented has been a major concern of the US Food and Drug Administration and Biden Administration. The speakers also taught us how to leverage our skill set and experiences to perform best in Market Access, Medical Affairs, and HEOR settings.

Reece: I’m working through my first module on the principles of health economics. It’s a great chance to meet other graduate students from different countries, industries, and professions.

Sam: I appreciate that my course is fully online and self-guided so that I can complete it at my own pace around work and family obligations. I’m excited to finish up and take my certification exam!

How is this course contributing to your career goals?  

Carolina: Completing the ACCA qualification is instrumental in gaining the essential skills and knowledge required to enhance our company’s performance. With extensive finance and business skills, I aim to contribute significantly to the finance team, taking on higher-level roles and responsibilities. This qualification will empower me to communicate effectively with key internal and external stakeholders on crucial business and financial matters, thereby driving the success of our organization.

Laura: I am a lifelong learner and have always known I wanted to deepen my expertise through rigorous, practical research, and the doctoral program at Boston University School of Public Health was a perfect fit.

Molly: I’ve wanted to earn my MBA for quite some time, and the Professional Development Fund has helped me accomplish that goal. I’ve learned a lot about corporate strategy and change management that has been extremely relevant to the evolution of Avalere Health.

Olivia: I have a passion for learning, and the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry underscores the need for continual education to remain abreast of the latest developments, methodologies, and technologies. Possessing the most up-to-date knowledge and skills is essential for offering valuable insights to clients and ensuring the success of projects.

Peter: This conference has given me the opportunity to increase my pool of potential career coaches and sponsors, especially those I can reach out to when I need more specialized career and professional advice.

Reece: It’s been a goal of mine to transition into a strictly HEOR field and away from pure market access, which I’ve been working in for the past four years. I recently joined the HEOR practice area at Avalere Health, and this qualification will help strengthen my competency in HEOR projects and enable me to contribute meaningfully to future projects in my new role.

Sam: I came into the project management field through a marketing pathway, and my college degree is in Public Relations and Advertising, so it was important for me to learn the more traditional foundations of project management and brush up on my existing skills to supplement my on-the-job training. Networking with other project managers through PMI is also helpful for learning from others’ experiences and bringing in best practices to help my accounts continue to thrive.

Fostering a culture of Innovation

The Global Professional Development Fund has sparked a transformative journey for our employees, firing their passion for continuous learning and empowering them to shape their unique career paths. By investing in their development, we are not only cultivating a highly skilled and adaptable workforce but also fostering a culture of empowerment, purpose, and innovation.

As our employees apply their newfound knowledge and skills to their work, we witness the visible impact of this initiative on our organization’s success. The stories shared by our colleagues serve as a powerful testament to the value of prioritizing employee growth and development.

Find out more about Avalere Health’s investment in and continuing education opportunities for current employees. 

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