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4 reasons why snackable content is changing the face of training within HEOR and market access


We’ve all had that sinking feeling of being told there’s a lot of training to complete and you’re wondering how to fit it into a busy working day, and that’s when snackable content can help.

In this update, we share 4 reasons why snackable, on-demand content is changing the face of training within HEOR and market access: balancing workloads, encouraging completion, improving accessibility, and driving engagement.


1. Bite-sized on-demand HEOR and market access training helps you to balance your workload

When you are already busy with your existing workload and responsibilities, finding time for training can be difficult. It can be on the list of things to do, but as more work comes in, the training can drop lower and lower down the to-do list.

Finding time for training becomes so much easier if you know from the outset that you can fit it in around your other priorities. That’s why snackable training is now so popular. By snackable training, we mean on-demand and manageable installments that you can complete in 10-minutes each, so by the end of the week you have completed a whole module.


2. Short, interactive modules encourage completion and adoption of training

A key feature of snackable content is that it uses a variety of techniques such as animations, visual prompts, and audio transcripts, so that the learner interacts with the modules and does not lose interest. Also, when you’ve completed the training in installments, an effective online training platform will let you print the whole module as an aide-mémoire of the key learning.


3. Simplifying HEOR and market access terminology makes training more accessible and engaging

Market access is very jargon heavy and can be quite intimidating if you don’t understand all its terms. Great online training should provide users with an up-to-date HEOR and market access glossary.

We found this when we developed and tested our own online training platform, MALCOM (Market Access Learning Compendium). It became clear that including a glossary and simplifying the terminology was an absolute critical success factor for the cross-functional teams using the platform.


4. On-demand training drives engagement without the need to attend in-person or at a specific time

With the growth in hybrid working culture, MALCOM is available to access remotely, anytime, at a click of a button. Once you’re registered with your MALCOM license it’s a single sign-on and available anywhere with an internet connection. When you log in, you can see the progress you’ve made in each module and what learning you have got coming up next.


Learn more about MALCOM online training for HEOR and market access 

Communicating value as effectively as possible is a key goal for HEOR and market access teams, and MALCOM online training can help them do that. In the next update in this series, we explore why training for HEOR market access teams is now critical and how MALCOM helps cross-functional teams to understand the global concepts of HEOR and market access.

“The benefits of sharing HEOR and market access knowledge across your organization”


MALCOM eLearning

Watch a demo of MALCOM eLearning to see how online training can benefit your HEOR, market access, and cross-functional teams.

Watch a demo

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