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Are you achieving high-quality, timely, fully enabled in-market patient access?


Are you doing all you can to achieve both national access and high-quality, timely, fully enabled in-market patient access to new medicines? 

In this market access update, Nikki Atkins, Executive Director and Practice Lead, Global Value Engagement, and Andrea Hamlin, Director, explore the commercial benefit of earlier cross-functional collaboration and the need to develop strategies that demonstrate value to different in-market sub-national payers.


Reducing the time from national market access to patient availability is a commercial priority.

Global market access has historically focused on preparedness for national market access, but with the profound shifts in government regulations reshaping the global biopharmaceutical sector, manufacturers are fervently seeking new ways to accelerate the time from national market access to patient availability.

There is a subtle distinction between market access, where a medicine is technically available, to patient access, where the medicine is fully enabled and ready for prescribing by healthcare professionals.

The need to reduce inequality and delays in patient access to innovative treatments is highlighted in a report by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). This describes delays in patients’ ability to access innovative medicines in Europe after marketing authorization, and while the root causes are multifactorial, EFPIA concludes they can only be resolved by different stakeholders working together.1 Reducing the time from national market access to patient access is a commercial priority.


With multiple external environment changes increasing the complexity and commercialization risk for the pharmaceutical sector, never has it been more important for global market access teams to plan for fully enabled in-market patient access as the end goal, not just theoretical national market access.

Nikki Atkins

Executive Director and Practice Lead, Global Value Engagement

avatar for Nikki Atkins - Executive Director and Practice Lead, Global Value Engagement


Recommendation 1: foster earlier cross-functional collaboration and strategic in-market patient access planning.

For an ideal approach, strategic planning that aligns cross-functional teams is crucial, starting as early as Phase 2. This early integration ensures a comprehensive understanding of national and sub-national payer value drivers, enabling support for payer readiness in line with the national values assessment process, and demonstrating value to different in-market sub-national payers in line with their value process. (Figure 1)


It is a commercial priority to reduce the time from national market access to patient access; this framework is intended to support this goalFigure 1: Value drivers across market and patient access


Recommendation 2: develop strategies that demonstrate value to different in-market sub-national payers.

Sub-national payers play a crucial role in enabling timely and sustained, high-quality patient access and commercial pull-through. The significant skills and experience are needed for best-in-class sub-national field access (Figure 2).


Significant skills and experience are needed for best-in-class sub-national field access
Figure 2: The critical role of the sub-national field access team


Your strategic partner for achieving in-market access operational excellence and seamless execution.

Avalere Health will collaborate with your team to develop best-in-class strategic plans with fully enabled in-market patient access, and not just theoretical national access, in mind.

Your global, regional, national, and sub-national cross-functional teams (Commercial, Medical, and Market Access) will be united by our bespoke framework, which provides the foundation to foster collaborative working and synergies, enhance existing pathways, and strengthen proactive strategizing.

This collaborative approach will optimize current value communication channels, harness the skills and capabilities across all functions, help you anticipate challenges, and develop meticulous strategic plans to accelerate, achieve, and retain timely, high-quality patient access in practice.


Examples of our in-market access strategic and implementation capabilities
  • Internal client strategy workshops that support cross-functional teams and optimize sub-national multi-stakeholder payer/payer influencer conversations
    • This includes understanding internal roles, requirements for collaboration and exchange, and developing materials, initiatives, and frameworks to support operational excellence.
  • Launch playbooks are focused on improving the speed and quality of patient access markets can achieve and sustain nationally and sub-nationally.
    • This includes global, national, and sub-national activities, from Phase 2 through to loss of exclusivity.
  • Evaluation of the global support that is necessary to realize sub-national patient access pre and post launch.


Contact us for a confidential conversation about your in-market access needs.

For biopharmaceutical manufacturers who want to purposefully drive change and accelerate good quality patient access to innovative treatments, Avalere Health is your partner of choice. Together, we create the connections that make better health happen.

Please contact us for a confidential conversation.



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