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Cell and gene therapy market access in the Asia-Pacific region


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This webinar delves into the cell and gene therapy (CGT) landscape in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. It examines market access dynamics for both global and local CGT products and uncovers the crucial factors that manufacturers need to consider to optimize CGT access in APAC.

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Exploring new horizons: Cell and gene therapy access in APAC

In the APAC region, evaluating CGTs for reimbursement is still a relatively new concept in the context of market access.

Payers are developing their perspectives on the value of innovative therapies and determining effective ways to assess them using existing health technology assessment (HTA) methods or modifying them as necessary. Additionally, innovative financing and payment models are in their early stages of exploration.

As global CGT leaders seek entry into these markets, the competitive local CGT landscape adds an extra layer of complexity. To ensure timely access to CGTs in the evolving APAC payer landscape, a profound understanding of the market access dynamics for these therapies and associated technologies is essential.


Learning objectives
  • Understand the evolving APAC cell and gene therapy regulatory and reimbursement landscape
  • Gain insights into the CGT capabilities of local biotechs in APAC and where their products are today
  • Discover how global learnings for overcoming hurdles to optimal CGTs access can be adapted for the APAC region
  • Delve into critical considerations for building the necessary ecosystems to successfully deploy CGTs in the APAC region




Jose Manuel Garnica, independent thoughtleader 
An independent thought-leader within Market Access, Pricing, and Health Economics, Jose Manuel has expertise in early asset development and launch, strategic evidence generation planning, and achieving access for CGTs. Jose Manuel’s roles in industry have led him to directly work in several key markets worldwide including the US, Canada, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), the Middle East and Latin America. He has held senior positions in Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Roche, and Amgen, and most recently spearheaded APAC market access for Kite, a leading global biotech in the cell therapy space. 

Jose Manuel holds a PhD from Imperial College London and an MBA from London Business School. He is currently also a Guest Lecturer at the University
of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Jeff Weisel, Senior Strategic Advisor
Jeff has 25+ years’ experience in APAC and emerging markets, working with leading life sciences organizations on issues of strategic and business innovation, and access to healthcare. His experience has encompassed executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry and leadership of Big-4 consulting practices helping deliver the success of top global brands and he also played a key role in industry policy engagement with PhRMA.
Sudha Sundaram, Associate Director
Sudha has 7 years’ experience within market access consulting, life sciences academic research, and business development in the APAC region. Her work has involved market opportunity assessment, pricing and reimbursement potential evaluation, real-world evidence capabilities mapping, and new technology scoping projects. Her work has spanned multiple therapeutic areas including a focus on innovative therapies such as CAR-Ts.
Ye Huang, Senior Consultant
Ye has several years’ consultancy experience in health technology assessment and market access across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. She has worked on multiple projects on market access, pricing and reimbursement strategy, market risks and opportunity assessments, evidence generation planning, and cost-effectiveness and budget impact modeling.
Vesshnu Sutharsan, Consultant
Vesshnu has a number of years’ experience in healthcare consulting, including in primary market research, payer and market landscape assessment, early pipeline planning, go-to-market strategy formulation, HTA/HEOR, and review of cross-border innovative contracting and financing strategies for ultra high-cost therapies. He has also been involved in numerous access projects in oncology and immunology at Avalere Health.


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