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eLearning for market access professionals


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MALCOM is an on-demand eLearning platform that helps market access teams of all sizes to upskill and keep their finger on the pulse of evolving value, evidence, and access landscapes.

In this update, the team behind MALCOM explain the benefits of the latest eLearning modules for market access professionals.


MALCOM eLearning is designed specifically for market access teams

MALCOM (Market Access Learning Compendium) eLearning is designed specifically for organizational leaders who want to provide up-to-date training on market access to their teams to underpin the practical market access experience of new starters and/or existing members of cross-functional teams.

It has been developed by the specialist access team at Avalere Health, a global community of experts who think big as well as deep and create the connections that make better health happen.


Here’s what you get with MALCOM eLearning:
  • A library of high-quality market access learning for your teams
  • Insights for all skill sets, from new joiners to existing members and cross-functional partners
  • High-quality training developed by our market access experts, and ratified by payers in the field
  • Up-to-date content that reflects the evolving access landscape in major markets
  • Easily digestible learning, presented in accessible language and engaging formats
  • Options for bespoke content tailored to your needs



A range of key market access topics are covered in MALCOM eLearning

MALCOM is an eLearning platform that introduces the key elements of market access, such as health technology assessments, payer requirements, payer archetypes, health economics and outcomes research, pricing, and individual country requirements. There are more to come!


10 on-demand modules, rising to 30 by the end of 2023

Interactive training modules enhance your organization’s traditional learning methods and provide a valuable reference point.

The platform combines clear and engaging short courses that are easily digestible and can be accessed by users when it suits them.

Users can reflect on their learning at the end of each module by taking a short optional quiz. Once a module is complete, MALCOM offers a downloadable summary that captures the key messages of each section of training and helps users retain knowledge.

Bespoke eLearning packages are also available for MALCOM. These offer you the opportunity to create and share customized content that is relevant to your organization’s own internal practices.


MALCOM provides up-to-date training for global and country-specific market access teams

Researching, creating, coordinating, and updating in-house training takes time. MALCOM does this for you.

The eLearning is created and constantly refreshed by Avalere Health’s experts in global and market specific policy, access, value, and evidence; so you can be assured that your teams are learning the latest best practice at the level of specificity they require.


eLearning helps strengthen cross-functional synergies between your teams

A successful market access team is one that has a working understanding of cross-functional capabilities, such as HEOR, Medical, and Commercial.

MALCOM introduces your teams to many of those cross-functional skills, so they understand the dependencies involved in the design and execution of market access strategies and are better equipped to strengthen those synergies.


Join the growing number of organizations that outsource their market access learning

As more organizations experience the challenges of engaging and upskilling hybrid or remoting working teams, many are looking to outsourced eLearning as a cost-effective solution.

Organizational leaders recognize that developing and rolling out eLearning programs requires a significant investment of resources and budget. The learner experience is often inconsistent and unpredictable due to reliance on outdated online courses, failure to invest sufficient time and resources in developing high-quality modules, and not considering the varying levels of expertise within the organization.

The MALCOM eLearning platform solves these problems by leveraging the expertise within Avalere Health to deliver consistently structured, high-quality training, perfectly presented in easily digestible, on-demand modules.


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