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Expert online training for market access and HEOR teams with MALCOM


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There is no doubt about it—outsourced online training is changing the way that leaders in HEOR and market access are upskilling their teams. Watch this short film to see the benefits of online training for busy HEOR and market access professionals.

Why did we decide to develop MALCOM, the online training platform for HEOR and market access professionals?

Leaders within market access and HEOR are looking for training for their teams—particularly to strengthen the skills in their existing teams and increase their understanding of the latest elements that should be considered when developing HEOR and market access strategies.

We are uniquely placed to help them at a global and individual market level; so, we put our expertise into an easily accessible online training platform—MALCOM.


What HEOR and market access topics are currently included in the training?

10 on-demand modules are available to new subscribers to MALCOM, and more are being added all the time:

  1. Overview of market access
  2. Introduction to payers and the payer value story
  3. Considerations when conducting a situation analysis
  4. Gathering insights: primary and secondary research
  5. The global value dossier
  6. The objection handler
  7. Introduction to health technology assessment
  8. Introduction to health economics
  9. Introduction to pharmaceutical pricing
  10. Overview of the market access strategy


Who will gain the most benefit from MALCOM online training?

There are three key audiences who we feel will benefit most from using MALCOM for their elearning.


1. Those who are new to HEOR and market access

Within our pharmaceutical clients, that could be colleagues coming in from field roles, or people who have been working in an office role already but are transferring to focus on market access issues. Companies that are just starting out may also need help to crystallize what’s to come with respect to market access.

Our introductory modules are ideal to help new learners get comfortable with the sometimes-complex terminology, and to begin to place market access in the context of the whole business.


2. HEOR and market access professionals who would like a refresher

The content within MALCOM is excellent as a refresher for people who have been working in HEOR and market access for a while. The online training sews a thread through all the elements that contribute towards successful market access.

When we have had feedback from users, this was the group who were most surprised at the benefit they got from the training.


3. Cross-functional stakeholders outside of HEOR and market access

Sometimes, some teams within organizations are unaware of the breadth of work that their HEOR and market access colleagues contribute to.

As HEOR and market access teams need to work seamlessly with internal cross-functional partners, cross-functional training is an ideal way to help others understand how HEOR and market access contribute to the overall strategy.

The online training within MALCOM is an excellent way to bring teams together around common understanding.


Watch a demo of MALCOM online training

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Why is MALCOM online training needed in organizations that already have programs in place for their HEOR and market access teams?

MALCOM online training helps overcome some of the hurdles faced with traditional in-house training and can supplement existing programs. For example:


1. Finding time for personal development

For a lot of people who are juggling multiple commitments, training is the one that is easiest to park for another day. MALCOM is available on-demand, 24 hours a day, so training can be fitted in around other priorities.


2. Challenges of delivering learning consistently across teams

Providing training across an organization or multiple locations may be limited to the availability of internal expertise or the effort of coordinating and taking time from many different contributors to create your training.

MALCOM does it for you, as training is created by our global experts in market access. It also is a great supplement to existing inhouse training as it brings teams up to speed with the core facts, processes, and milestones in HEOR and market access, so any supplementary in-house sessions can go straight in at a more advanced level or deal with the specifics of your assets or business.


3. Keeping your training up to date with the evolving HEOR and market access landscapes

The learning within MALCOM is developed by market access professionals at Avalere Health who have been working in the discipline for many years. As we work on so many projects across a variety of challenges, we are able to ensure the content we include is up to date.

We develop online training that is specific to individual markets by working with payers in the field to ensure we are communicating the latest information and highlighting challenges in each country. Those payers review the training modules twice a year to ensure relevance and reliability.


Other online training requires a significant time commitment, which can be a challenge for professionals with a full-time job. How does MALCOM address that?

Learning about HEOR and market access can also be quite heavy, shall we say—there are many concepts to navigate!

So, to keep the learner engaged, we have employed a variety of techniques to achieve the learning outcomes. You’ll find animations, narrated content, and self-led sections within each module.

There are also one-page summaries to wrap up key points for modules in MALCOM. This means that once a module has been completed, the learner has a quick reference tool to print off and keep.


Watch a demo of MALCOM online training

It is not surprising that many business leaders are looking to outsourced eLearning as an agile, cost-effective solution—especially when the MALCOM subscription plan gives your whole organization access to all the training.

You can watch a demo of MALCOM at or get in touch with us for a confidential conversation about your training needs.

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