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ISPOR 2024: expert strategies to further evidence and value-based outcomes


The biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries are experiencing a period of rapid change; policies are evolving, payer environments are shifting, the concept of value is expanding, and great science is no guarantee of frictionless, in-market patient access.

Meet our expert team at ISPOR 2024 in Atlanta, Booth #413. Our specialists in US and global policy, access, value, and evidence will be there to discuss ways to purposefully advance and accomplish your strategic goals, from pre-clinical/early development through the full commercialization life cycle.


From influencing the value of the assets at the earliest stage to magnifying an innovation’s impact at all stages of product maturity, our connections allow us to break down boundaries and build a healthier world.

Jon Koch


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Meet the US and global specialists at Booth #413.

Meet the US and global specialists at Booth #413. Make a meaningful impact on your research and outcomes strategies by connecting with our diverse network of experts at ISPOR 2024.

Contact us and schedule your meeting

Gain insights from our research posters; 28 accepted for ISPOR!

Complex challenges require in-depth, actionable solutions. We are proud to have 28 research posters accepted for ISPOR 2024; these will help you gain the latest insights and recommendations for agile strategies that deliver proven, measurable results.

Take a first look on Booth #413 or contact us for a deeper dive tailored to your specific needs. Our research posters at ISPOR 2024 span a broad range of insights, including:


Our research posters at ISPOR 2024 span a broad range of insights, including


Evolving expectations require new approaches to defining value: join us for our theater presentation

“No longer business as usual: establishing value in an uncertain and dynamic landscape”.

Monday, May 6, 12:45 pm.

Recent global policies (such as joint clinical assessment, the Inflation Reduction Act, and FDA data requirements), evolving stakeholder expectations, and an enhanced focus on sustained access have intensified the requirements for demonstrating value. Against this landscape, life science companies need to evolve their value demonstration strategies to be successful in this dynamic environment.

During this session, our speakers will discuss methods to create a coherent value strategy that considers key questions such as:

  • How do these new external requirements and changing internal constraints shift evidence generation and value demonstration?
  • How will the evolving scientific landscape and the development of more targeted therapies drive change in value assessment and dissemination?
  • What value strategies should be incorporated into lifecycle planning to drive sustained access?


Understanding that market dynamics are changing is distinct from addressing with a clear and confident roadmap for navigating with a purpose-built partner. Our theater panel is a must-attend at ISPOR 2024.

Laura Housman

Practice Director

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Develop bespoke solutions rooted in proven expertise across US and global markets

Our team works across the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific in over 55 markets globally. ISPOR 2024 gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with our experts and gain the latest perspectives to make clinical advances accessible to every patient.

The key themes and questions being discussed on Booth #413 include:


The key themes and questions being discussed on Booth #413 include:


Building a patient-centric value story

Increasingly, stakeholders are requiring non-traditional evidence to understand how different types of patients fare in real-world treatment settings.

Meet us on Booth #413 to discuss the methodological challenges in patient-centered data collection, quantify the direct and indirect burden patients face, develop patient-centered frameworks, and design and implement evidence-based interventions in furthering implementation science.


Navigating competing evidence requirements across markets

To achieve optimal, sustained patient access, an integrated evidence plan must promote transferability and mitigate the risk of changing value landscape dynamics across markets.

Schedule your meeting at ISPOR 2024, and we will show you how we help clients maximize evidence applicability and value strategies in response to new policy realities such as joint clinical assessments, prescription drug affordability boards, the Inflation Reduction Act, and Part D redesign and negotiation.


Amplifying and scaling data value

The value of data can be amplified through quantitative and qualitative analyses using structured and unstructured datasets.

Discover how we leverage access to these datasets to develop and conduct mixed-methods studies, including epidemiologic and primary research studies of health equity, social determinants of health, and economic burden of disease. Meet our cross-functional team on Booth #413 and learn how we can help drive strategies on how to promote and incorporate research in policy for improved access.


Early pipeline: new realities of the market

Decision-making early in the development cycle is crucial given the substantial investment to conduct clinical trials on the path to commercialization.

Schedule your meeting at ISPOR 2024 and take advantage of our deep knowledge across US and global markets gives a unique insight into investment decisions, clinical development programs, and product lifecycle planning.


Embracing a patient-centric approach, collaborating closely with patients and advocacy groups, and recognizing the transformative influence of patient insights will be critical for success in navigating the evolving global landscape and making science accessible to every patient. Meet our team at ISPOR 2024 to continue the conversation

Philip Drew

Head of Global Partnerships

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