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Reuters Pharma 2024: transforming patient access and health outcomes


The biopharmaceutical industry is experiencing a period of huge change. Access, pricing, and reimbursement requirements are evolving in all markets, and there is a need to communicate with a much wider group of stakeholders than ever before.

New technologies, including generative artificial intelligence, are becoming more widely available, leading to debates about how—and if—they can be used ethically in healthcare solutions.

Meet our team at the Reuters Pharma 2024 conference on April 16-18, in Barcelona, Booth #36. Our experts in Medical Communications and Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence will be there to discuss how we can support you through the changing biopharmaceutical landscape with collaborative partnerships.


Meet the team at Booth #36 during Reuters Pharma 2024

Meet us at Booth #36 to discuss critical considerations for navigating the changing biopharmaceutical environment.

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Latest insights report: your essential pre-reading for Reuters Pharma 2024

Stay a step ahead with this new collection of articles that offers insights and recommendations to help you realize the potential of your every product while connecting patients to life-changing health solutions.

Included in this free report are insights on the potential roles for AI in drug development, equity in healthcare, integrated evidence planning, patient-centric communications, and navigating EU joint clinical assessment.


Medical Affairs before 2030: strategic capabilities you need today

Join Gary Lyons, Chief Transformation Officer, Medical, in the Pharma 2024 panel discussion “Medical Affairs before 2030: strategic capabilities you need today” on Tuesday April 16 at 17:20.

We look forward to meeting you at the session and hearing the panelists’ perspectives on why it’s important to:

  • Underpin your engagement strategy with data and analytics that drive patient outcomes over internal vanity metrics
  • Accelerate your evidence generation to customize content at speed for your healthcare professionals (HCPs)
  • Invest in AI to increase efficiencies and explore how generative AI can uplift HCP engagements
  • Create custom-built engagement tools for Medical Science Liaisons ( that add color to in-person engagements, instead of adapting those from commercial.


  • Gary Lyons, Chief Transformation Officer, Medical, Avalere Health
  • Nejma Chami, Head Global Medical Affairs GRT Meds, Grünenthal
  • Eleanora Bunsow, Head, Medical Affairs, Spain, Novavax
  • Ivo Huybrechts, Head Medical Engagement and Learning, Global Medical Affairs, UCB
  • Moderator: Steve Royle, Founder,


Better health happens when we connect

Avalere Health partners with you to combine knowledge and expertise across the core disciplines of Consulting; Medical; Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence; Marketing; and Digital Experience Technology to create solutions that transform health and outcomes for patients.

Our experts look forward to meeting you at Reuters Pharma 2024.


We’re seeing rapid evolution of Medical Affairs in many areas—the Avalere Health team can help you deliver personalized medical engagement strategies, incorporate patient needs earlier into lifecycles, and determine where AI can augment your activities. We’d be delighted to meet and discuss your challenges at Reuters Pharma 2024 in Barcelona.

Gary Lyons

Chief Transformation Officer

avatar for Gary Lyons - Chief Transformation Officer


As the definition of value continually evolves across the life-science industry, the lines between market access and commercial strategy become increasingly blurred. A holistic, multi-disciplinary approach is required to ensure fully enabled, in-market patient access—with endless possibilities to infuse AI. Come and speak to us in Barcelona to learn more.

Philip Drew

Head of Global Partnerships

avatar for Philip Drew - Head of Global Partnerships

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