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Securing trust in the healthcare system: how does this help drive access and equity in the Asia-Pacific region?


This update provides key takeaways from one of the expert sessions at the Zuellig Pharma Summit 2022, ‘Building a Healthier Asia: empowering more equitable access to healthcare innovation’.

Zuellig Pharma and Knowledge Partner, Avalere Health, are pleased to share this summary from the post-summit report to contribute to raising awareness and progressing the conversation on enhancing access to healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region.


Driving access and equity by securing trust in the healthcare system in the Asia-Pacific region

Building and maintaining trust in healthcare and delivery depends on three key factors: reduce inequalities in patient access due to bribery and corruption, increase patient access to reliable information and products, and safeguard patient information and privacy.

During this session, expert speakers discussed the critical role of a top-down, transparent culture of compliance across stakeholder organizations, and having the necessary checks and balances in place, to ensure a patient-centric approach to achieving better health outcomes.



Campbell Clark, Vice-President Legal and Compliance, APAC, Medtronic

Gareth Lee, Chief Compliance Officer & Asia Pacific General Counsel, Cordis

Redentor Romero, Head of Compliance – Corporate, Zuellig Pharma



Maija Burtmanis, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Zuellig Pharma


Key takeaways:
  • Meaningful relationships in healthcare are fundamentally built on trust; patients put their faith in the healthcare system to deliver better health outcomes, and on doctors, industry, medical associations, and the supply chain for reliable and high-quality information and products.
  • Trust is created by being patient-centric, physician-centric, and putting an emphasis on product quality. This also means taking external points of reference such as regulators and ecosystems, engaging all stakeholders in a transparent manner (experts, government, industry), and disseminating accurate, relevant, and high-quality information at two levels: individual (i.e., patient and physician) and group (i.e., medical and industry association, regulatory and HTA/reimbursement/pricing agencies).
  • There is a need for policies, procedures, and initiatives to have a high standard of ethics and integrity. However, beyond just simply becoming rules-based operational set-ups, a culture of compliance also needs to be instilled top-down in all organizations.
  • To drive higher standards in markets where partnerships with multiple stakeholders exist, some actions need to be undertaken, such as synchronizing compliance codes across organizations and stakeholder types, promoting and ensuring enforcement at a cross-stakeholder level, calling out non-compliant behaviors by pulling in regulators, and especially holding leadership and key contributors to the highest standards of ethical codes, and more.


Read the full report to explore the barriers and solutions to equitable access in the Asia‑Pacific region

A full synopsis from the Zuellig Summit is available to download now. This report summarizes the key takeaways from all of the expert sessions:

  • Best care anywhere: Achieving access for all to healthcare innovation in a complex region
  • Partnering for health: Building strategic partnerships to achieve the goals for access and equity
  • Trust your doctor? Securing trust in the healthcare system: how does this help drive access and equity?
  • Health in your pocket: Leveraging digital solutions to empower community-centered and patient-centric care models
  • The last mile to healthcare: Reimagining strategic supply chains to ensure equitable supply across and within markets
  • Moving from “Wealth = Health” to “Health = Wealth”: Building value-based healthcare financing models that deliver equitable access
    Read the full synopsis of all the sessions


Supporting your Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence needs in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is characterized by its dynamic nature and rapidly evolving markets. These are critical to the future growth plans of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, and we are leading many ground-breaking market access projects in the region.

Avalere Health, will help you bring out the best in your asset, using our extensive market access and disease area experience. Get in touch for a confidential conversation about your policy, access, value, and evidence needs.

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