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The hēRo3 Revolution: accelerating and empowering HEOR analytics with cutting-edge digital solutions


With the rapid pace of breakthroughs in biopharma, the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, companies need to ensure that early pipeline asset planning is focused on “value-for-money” strategies.

HEOR teams can now meaningfully contribute at the decision-making table by providing rapid turnaround of HEOR models and presenting critical insights that are intuitive and engaging in real-time.

In this interview, first published in, Chad Rose, General Manager – hēRo3 at Avalere Health, explains how.


Why is there a need to revolutionize the way HEOR insights are used in the decision-making process?

Now more than ever, there is a heightened importance for companies to ensure that bets made on new pipeline assets are both thoughtful and strategic. With the rapid pace of breakthroughs in biopharma, the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. This results in companies targeting smaller patient populations while continuing to incur significant fixed costs, placing greater focus on “value-for-money” insights for new interventions. Companies that plan on gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage need tools to make fast and informed decisions for clinical development assets.

Due to the industry’s reliance on using Excel for their modeling needs, some HEOR teams can’t perform the analytics fast enough to contribute at the decision-making table when they are called upon. Excel simply isn’t equipped to keep up with the innovation needs that companies now demand or can be achieved through recent advances in alternative technologies.


By providing rapid turnaround of HEOR models, hēRo3 accelerates and empowers teams so they can meaningfully contribute presentation-ready critical insights that are intuitive and engaging at the decision-making table.

Chad Rose

General Manager, hēRo3

avatar for Chad Rose - General Manager, hēRo3


The hēRo3 platform solves this need by revolutionizing the way HEOR insights can and should be used in the decision-making process.



Learn more about hēRo3 at:


What is hēRo3?

hēRo3 (health economics in R online) is a secure cloud platform for building, running, and sharing Markov cohort and partitioned survival models. Computations are performed using a heavily tested, open-source R modeling package, and all models and data are encrypted in transit and at rest.
hēRo3 simplifies model builds with an easy and streamlined setup of many critical analyses including:

  • Deterministic and probabilistic sensitivity analyses
  • Threshold analyses
  • Two-way sensitivity analyses
  • Scenario analyses
  • Value-based pricing calculator

All models are equipped with automated, interactive, and presentation-ready displays including:

  • Tornado diagrams
  • Trace diagrams
  • Waterfall charts
  • Efficiency frontiers
  • Bar charts • Heat maps
  • Scatter plots
  • Tabular
  • State transition diagrams



Learn more about hēRo3 at:


Why are companies using hēRo3?
  • hēRo3 provides rapid, on-demand insights to clinical and commercial teams
  • Animated and interactive visualizations answer critical HEOR questions in real time, providing easily digestible outputs to both technical and nontechnical audiences
  • Shorter workflows allow clients to incorporate critical HEOR insights early and often, ensuring they are making the most informed decisions possible for their clinical development assets
  • hēRo3’s structured approach to building models helps facilitate a seamless transfer of knowledge when staffing changes and organizational restructuring occurs, allowing our experts or other team members to easily pick up where others dropped off and maintain project timelines
  • Improves HEOR workflows and supports team collaboration through a well-organized model Workspace and clear permissions controls

Learn more about hēRo3 at:



How are companies using hēRo3?

Here are a few examples of how hēRo3 is being used across the industry:


Hero3 detail


  • Optimizing trial designs by improving patient selection criteria, trial endpoints, and outcomes, or refining the included interventions and comparators
  • Informing business development initiatives such as M&A and licensing decisions using robust information on economically justifiable prices, anticipated cost-effectiveness stories, and potential hurdles that assets may face before going to market


HEOR and market access planning
  • Estimating economically justifiable prices for early pipeline assets
  • Developing economic value propositions and optimizing value stories through testing and refinement
  • Identifying inputs that are key value drivers of cost-effectiveness
  • Efficiently allocating resources towards new HEOR evidence generation based on anticipated impact that new evidence may yield with respect to cost-effectiveness and value-for-money
  • Replicating ICER models and incorporating early assets into economic comparisons


HTA model support
  • Validating Excel models by building replications in hēRo3
  • Building multiple protype models to test alternative model frameworks to identify an optimal model structure


Which companies are already benefitting from hēRo3?

It ranges from the biggest names in biopharmaceuticals that use hēRo3 across their entire portfolio of early pipeline assets; to partnering with emerging biopharma companies to build out HEOR capabilities while allowing them to harness critical insights provided by our experts.

We offer flexible service solutions to meet a wide variety of client needs. Your organization can partner with our experts to receive presentation-ready models, or we can train your internal teams to build their own models.

Either way, hēRo3 allows you to realize the benefit of incorporating critical HEOR insights into workflows early and often.

Learn more about hēRo3 at:

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