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Embedded Brand Directors

Big aspirations for your brand? We're here to help

We offer peace of mind. We have walked in your shoes and know how to develop brand strategies and execute tactics. We are a group of experienced brand marketers that can quickly bring extra capacity and expertise to your team on a short- or long-term basis.

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Your commercialization partner

The Embedded Brand Directors are a collection of professional marketers in the US and Europe, dedicated to healthcare, with the sole aim of helping companies maximize the potential of their brands. We provide deep and broad expertise individually, while also drawing on the powerful skills of our peers across Avalere Health collectively.

Bringing years of commercial experience to your team

With an average of 20 years of brand management expertise from across the industry, and with the ability to provide turn-key support and leadership, our Embedded Brand Directors give pharmaceutical and biotech clients the confidence of knowing their commercial plan will be executed promptly and accurately.

We understand that through a brand's lifecycle, there are times when the volume of work outpaces the capacity of your team. This is the ideal moment to consider engaging with an Embedded Brand Director.

How do the Embedded Brand Directors make an impact?

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Expert management across agency partners, internal stakeholders, and Medical/Legal/Compliance review process.

Developing Brand Strategy

Applying customer and market insights to successfully position products, identify critical areas for success, and inform solutions.

Customer Tactics & Programs

Create and execute omnichannel solutions that strengthen brand engagement and provide the ultimate customer experience.

Launch Planning & Execution

Develop and monitor integrated cross-functional go-to-market strategies and launch plans to optimize the launch trajectory of your brand.

Sales Force Integration and Training

Seamlessly working with our sales partners to ensure all customer-facing activities and messages are aligned to move the brand forward.

Market Insight, Forecasting, and Analytics

Conducting market research, competitive intelligence, forecasting, and analytics to inform meaningful strategies, predict brand penetration, and measure success.


Thank you for all your help and hard work this year on the team! I know there were a lot of changes/new situations thrown at you throughout the year, and I always appreciated your positive attitude. Thanks again for everything!
Brand Lead, Legacy Products
Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company
Thank you for all your contributions and support over the past several months. I’m so glad we had your experienced and steady hand on a number of key projects.  You contributed to our success—THANK YOU! Your cool persistence in PMRC review is the thing of beauty.
Senior Director, Rare Disease
Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company
Thanks for your work. Looks solid, logical, and concise. I expect our CEO to really engage in this approach, and I think you’ve got the bases covered. Great job!
VP, Commercial, New Product Launch
Oncology Biotech
Our Embedded Brand Director brings a wealth of knowledge to this space, as well as an ability to bring a professional sense of urgency to the business. His ability to navigate a complex and highly matrixed organization, as well as his ability to flex his personality and approach to best suit the situation, bodes well for him as he brings unique and thoughtful business solutions to the table. He is a team player, never hesitant to jump in on a requested project, and thorough in his work and support across our team.
Senior Director, Neurology
Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company

Why Avalere Health?

Our unique team of highly experienced professionals have walked in your shoes in roles at established and emerging biopharmaceutical companies covering global and local markets.

  • Rooted in our direct experience, we can hit the ground running, lean in, and get things done.
  • Our broad and deep expertise enables us to be flexible, quickly switching to new responsibilities as your needs change.
  • Every team member can access the collective expertise of our 1,500+ healthcare experts across the globe.
  • High client satisfaction, evidenced by the high frequency of extensions beyond the initial engagement.

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