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We create living brands

Brands that thrive on authentic connections, rooted in relevance.

Brands that anticipate, listen, and engage at the pace of the real world.

Brands that create growth and improve people's health.

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Living brands thrive on relevance

By applying science, strategy, creativity, and technology with purpose and intention, we ensure that every customer interaction has a pulse that marketers can sense and people* can feel.

We call this approach Human+

Strategy and planning

We relentlessly pursue relevance

At Avalere Health, the ability to evolve is built into the DNA of every brand we create, enabling it to truly thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Porfolio strategy

We help clients realize the true potential of their franchises.

Positioning and messaging

We help clients win-and keep-the hearts and minds of customers.

Brand strategy

We help clients stand out in intensely competitive and dynamic disease areas.

Omnichannel engagement planning

We create meaningful connections between clients and customers.

Medical and scientific strategy

We master complex science for our clients with ease.

Media planning and activation

We help customers engage with clients and brands, on their own terms.

Market-shaping strategy

Our contextual agility helps clients shape a changing landscape.

Launch planning

We help our clients formulate solid plans with flexibility.

Creative and content development

We share stories through content rich experiences

At Avalere Health, we build experiences that are content rich and authentic in nature, encouraging the kind of changes in beliefs and behavior that lead to better health.

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Creative campaigns

We harness creativity to open up meaningful dialogues between brands and audiences.

Brand identity creation

We craft brand identities that connect through authenticity.

We co-create with communities

We create living brands that listen with humility, understand with empathy, and collaborate with inclusivity, partnering with patients and professionals, individuals, and members of broader communities.

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Patient engagement assets and tactics

We collaborate with patients and communities to make better health happen.

Healthcare professional engagement assets and tactics

We partner with communities to advance the profession.

Internal engagement assets and tactics

We create the spark that fires up internal teams.

Analytics and technology

We engage differently with different customers

At Avalere Health, we create personalized experiences by fusing science, strategy, creativity, and technology. We harness the power of digital, making experiences highly relevant and deliverable at scale, creating a human connection with individuals everywhere.

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Advanced analytics

We help clients turn customer data into personalized actionable insights.

Measurement and optimization

We help our clients know what's working for who and why.

Technology enablement

We put technology to work to deliver seamless growth and success for our clients.

A female marketing executive

A day in the life

Marketing Executive

Find out what life is like day to day for a Marketing Executive working at Avalere Health in California.

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