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Leading initiatives across marketing functions


The business challenge

The client’s Brand Team experienced a significant increase increase in the the volume of work across Health Care Professional marketing workstreams due to:

•  New competition making it ever more important for product differentiation

•  Market research led to a new strategic approach resulting in the development of new campaign

The client needed another marketing manager to implement and execute the strategy across multiple deliverables


What we did

We executed a new messaging strategy and campaign across several workstreams:

•  HCP email strategy and execution through CRM platform

•  Developed a new conference booth with interactive materials that brought the new campaign “to life”

•  Drove medical marketing’s product theater execution with KOLs from the Speaker Bureau

•  Supported medical marketing with the coordination and content development of two Ad Boards and one Round Table with KOLs from the Speaker Bureau


How we did it

•   Diligently collaborated cross-functionally to ensure that new creative materials used the new marketing strategy and were executed consistently

•  Ensured management alignment on new approaches, such as the interactive booth engagement at conferences

•  Managed the development, financials, and timeline of tactics with Agency partners

•  Shepherded materials through the MLR process

•  Conducted daily discussions with Legal to ensure proper contracting for KOL participation at product theaters and Ad Boards

•  Coordinated with key conferences for logistics around live product theaters with KOLs

•  Collaborated with MSLs to coordinate KOL presentation rehearsals and ensure relationship was intact



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