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The learning journey worth taking


Reimagining selling model execution


Sales training has never been more critical. Virtual visits with physicians continue to get shorter in duration and less frequent, so every second a sales representative has with a customer is important.
Given the enormity of this challenge, our client asked us to provide a learning solution that would enhance and reinforce the competitive selling skills of a highly seasoned oncology sales force.





We know that behavioral change and performance improvement in individuals occurs over time. Our solution was to embark upon a comprehensive 2-year learning journey that began by collecting data from managers and sales reps to identify selling skills gaps.
After analyzing the initial results, we developed novel, highly interactive ways to keep the learning fresh and engaging that included peer testimonials to capture the WIIFM, gamification, active practice and continuous measurement to assess and close the selling skills gaps.






Both managers and the sales reps saw performance improvement which increased selling skills confidence, ultimately leading to enhanced customer engagement.

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