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Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence

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Navigating today's most complex healthcare challenges with objective analysis, balanced insights, and innovative, data-driven solutions

In a rapidly evolving environment where stakeholders are becoming more evidence hungry and value aware, we develop practical insights and strategies driven by robust data to achieve meaningful results. We know the only way to change healthcare is to ensure a variety of voices are included so we and our customers benefit from every point of view.

From the US and Latin America to Asia-Pacific and across Europe, clients depend on our deep subject-matter expertise and rational, unbiased perspective to anticipate and adapt to the latest industry trends.

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Empowered by data, innovative digital applications, and experienced-based insights, our consultants deliver policy, market access, HEOR, value engagement, and due diligence solutions based on facts, not partisanship.

We partner with clients who span the healthcare continuum – including the top 25 biopharma and life sciences companies, leading health plans, top healthcare providers, and healthcare investors.

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Our Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence services include:

  • Market access

    Clients depend on our best-in-class capabilities to successfully initiate and sustain product commercialization, optimizing access and demonstrating the full value of their innovative products to payers.

  • HEOR

    With access to comprehensive real-world data and a wide range of datasets, our award-winning data and statistics experts can connect data and synthesize evidence to reconstruct a patient's journey, map utilization by site of care, provide total cost-of-care analyses, conduct comparative efficacy research, assess revenue opportunities and value-based benefits, and advise on registry and real-world data collection and evidence generation.

  • Value engagement

    Bringing value to life through compelling, insight-driven, evidence-based strategy and communication that makes the complex simple, engages stakeholders, improves patient experiences and outcomes, and ensures the value of our clients' assets stand out from the crowd.

  • Policy

    Our team of healthcare policy, regulatory, and legislative experts will guide you through the complexities of all aspects of US and global healthcare policies and help you prepare for how changes will impact coverage, access, payment, care delivery, and consumer choice.

  • Healthcare due diligence

    Thinking like investors, we deliver customized, deep, data-driven analysis to quantify relevant risks, opportunities, and trends to inform financial models and potential goal achievement.

  • Data and analytics

    We support data-driven decision making and market differentiation with sources including Inovalon’s MORE Registry® Closed claims data from fee-for-service Medicare and Part D, Medicare Advantage, commercial and managed Medicaid plans, and Avalere’s proprietary PlanScape® dataset of US health plan benefit designs and formularies.

  • Digital applications

    Transform your HEOR and market access process with our suite of unique digital applications that unlock and optimize product value from early development through to successful country submissions.

  • Subscription services

    Regular insights from our healthcare experts on a range of topics – including health policy news and drug coverage analysis-to help our clients understand and navigate the changing healthcare environment.

  • Objective analysis

    US-based healthcare consulting firm Avalere (part of Avalere Health) delivers customized, high-impact strategies and practical, operational tools that combine real-world data, deep industry and policy knowledge, and an independent, objective viewpoint. Avalere is part of the Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence discipline.

Unique digital applications

  • Rapid HEOR modelling with intuitive and engaging displays.

  • Maximize the value of your asset portfolio at all stages of development.

  • Deliver high-quality multiple health technology assessments and other payer submissions.

  • Track the evolving health technology assessment and pricing & reimbursement landscape for key competitors or products of interest.

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A day in the life

Strategic Consultant

Find out what life is like day to day for a Strategic Consultant working at Avalere Health in Indiana.

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